Her Name Is..

I am guided from the depths and unearthed in her sight
Her light is caressing, as it warms like fire on a winter night
As beautiful as a morning sun, she nourishes my soul
Rushing like a river in my veins she flows
Reflecting fragments of memories of past times
Like a Willow tree in the southern moonlight
Shadowed images are painted in my mind

I see her banners are joy, mercy, and patience
She wears dignity like a jasmine fragrance
Many sought to enslave her, but she takes flight with wings of doves
She soars in the heavens of my mind leaving a wake of love
My face lifted up to grace her as she passes by
Her name is beautiful as a sun setting sky
She rings within us and is forever sung
As she passed I asked her name and whence she comes

From within she replied, and my name is…

Hear the author read “Her Name Is…”

Written by,
Tshombe Sekou Harris, 20 August 2006
Copyright �© 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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