Imagine Your Best Kitchen

Beautiful kitchens don’t just happen by themselves. When you imagine your best kitchen, you must start off by considering the type of cabinets you want. With the hundreds of choices available, it can be difficult to choose the kitchen cabinets that speak to your amazing sense of style. However, by following some simple criteria, you can make your final decision a lot easier to make.

1. Size

Because you should never choose your kitchen cabinets before considering the size of your space, this is the first criteria on the list. As a rule of thumb, you should consider less bulky cabinets and smaller kitchen furniture if your space is small. So, you would not want to pick out cabinetry that has large sized doors and drawers, because it would make your space seem ridiculously small. Instead, you should choose smaller sized cabinetry with more door and drawer options, because it will fit the scale of your space. On the contrary, if you have an expansive kitchen area, then selecting larger sized cabinetry with bulky doors and drawers will work well.

2. Style

Selecting your cabinets by style is the next criteria to creating an amazing kitchen that screams out your personal style. Most cabinet styles fall into four particular categories, including contemporary, transitional, traditional and country. Everything else is just a spinoff of these categories. Therefore, your selection of cabinets should fall within the category for which you most enjoy. For instance, if you like traditionally styled cabinets, then you should choose kitchen cabinets with styles, such as shaker, Old World style, Victorian, Colonial or Mediterranean. If you don’t know which style of cabinets you like, you should take some time to Google cabinet styles on the internet. This will give you a great idea of the type of kitchen cabinets available within each style. More than likely, you will be drawn to a particular style more than another.

3. Colors

Choosing colors for your kitchen cabinets does not always mean choosing your own personal favorite color. Save this color for painting your kitchen walls. Most cabinet manufacturers choose colors that are ideal to work with in many types of kitchen designs. Depending on the style of cabinetry, most colors of cabinets will be neutral or muted in nature. However, you can always stain the cabinets yourself. Keep in mind that there are certain colors that do not go well within the kitchen, such as blues and greens. However, these colors can be used as accents in small quantities. The best colors to choose for your cabinets include those that match nature. For instance, earth based tones work well, including browns, yellow, brick red and peach colors.

4. Price

Although you may be on a budget, the price of your cabinets should be the last consideration when selecting your kitchen cabinets. Why? Because you should never purchase expensive cabinets if they do not fit within the other criteria discussed above. Just because the cabinet manufacturer or provider says its top of the line, does not mean it’s the best choice for your kitchen space or style. Furthermore, you don’t want to select your cabinets just because they’re cheap, because later on you may hate them and end up spending more money for new ones. Instead, make sure that your cabinet choices meet all of your criteria, including price, and then purchase them.

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