Instant Hot Water Dispensers: What to Know Before Putting One in Your Kitchen

Instant hot water dispensers are a type of kitchen appliance which features a small water tank and a separate faucet which is mounted next to the sink. Another kind of this dispenser looks similar to a coffee maker and has a lower capacity but is easier to install. These units provide very hot water instantly, eliminating the need to heat tap water on an electric stove, thus making some types of cleaning and food preparation less time-consuming.

Small desktop instant hot water dispensers, like the Sunbeam Hot Shot 6170 (white) or 6131 (black), take up less space than tank-based units but have a much smaller holding capacity and require water to be poured in them every time it needs to be heated. Most of these hold sixteen ounces. A button is pressed to heat the water, then another button causes it to be dispensed. However, they are substantially less expensive and don’t require any installation aside from plugging them in. They aren’t as instant as the larger tank-based dispensers; these heat 16 ounces in about ninety seconds. This type of dispenser is also less dangerous for children (especially if no extra water is left in it). This is a convenient item to use in buildings which lack hot water or an electric stove.

Most tank-based dispensers have a knob for adjusting the temperature, but the range of temperatures varies from one model to the next. Minimum temperatures are usually 140 or 160F, while maximum temperature settings are most commonly 190 or 200 degrees. The dispenser faucets are available in a variety of colors, including chrome, white, black, copper, and gold. Controls of various types are installed on different faucet models, including a spring-loaded handle (as on the MPP MT1100DIY), a knob with auto-shutoff (on the Kitchen Aid KHWL160), or a long lever. The amount of cups-per-hour of hot water which can be produced also differs from one model to the next; many can heat sixty cups, some forty. Remember that not all faucets for instant hot water dispensers are sold with the necessary tank; sometimes this has to be purchased separately.

Brands which offer instant hot water dispensers include InSinkErator, Kitchen Aid, Waterstone, Mountain Plumbing Products, and Whirlpool. Models that use a separate tank can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other stores. Small desktop dispensers are available at Target stores, eBay, and many online shopping websites. Used units of both types can be purchased on and

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