Is Human to Human Transmission of Avian Bird Flu Possible?

The turn of the birds

It might have been the rats first and now it’s the turn of the birds; men are at constant war with the rest of the world. The war that includes more than what the human eyes could possibly endure; this time we are to deal with the H5N1 viruses which are on the edge of an outbreak. And for you layman, the message we wish to convey is this, birds are on the verge of spreading the flu and the possibility of treating Avian flu lies more in preventing the infection at first hand. You have options from Tamiflu to Amantadine, drugs which give you the chance to survive the disease if consumed within forty eight hours of the start of symptoms.

The micro level recombinations

What binds the success men have still against the reach of a pandemic is that H5N1 spreads only from a bird to a human. The need of the hour is take a quicker look to examine the nature of such a belief. True to the words, influenza A virus is specific to certain species other than birds. Birds have a craving for all subtypes of the virus. Animal to animal, bird to bird and between animals and birds the disease spread with ease. What the foresight of human fails to capture has more to be blamed on the reassorments that go past his eyes to the micro level. With the start of the flu symptoms, humans are at constant risk of the process that goes down further within their nerves. Genetic recombination’s could mould a H5N1 to dance intone to the genes within the human body resulting in something that is deadly, a strain that could cross over from a human to a human.

Rewriting the routes of history

So the possibility of exposure to the virus is the best way in which you could avert the disaster. Maybe a careful evaluation of the virus in human would take a year to produce an anti dose to save the species. However that would be the time more for bird flu to avenge the death that humans had spread between them. This is a suicide attack of the flyers. You have the options let bare as the need of the hour to escape the clutches of Avian flu is necessary to all. Get ready and equip yourself with the remedy. Get Tami flu and Amantadine by your side to seize the spread of the symptoms. The long road that stretches back to the routes of history has proved time and again that when men lagged to make the right decision he lagged to make the proper existence; this is the time to rewrite history, strive for the best.

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