June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

During the course of the year, especially during the spring and summer months, thousands of cats and kittens are left by families to fend for themselves, and strays already trying to survive life on their own are having litters of new kittens, adding to the growing population of animals that consistently fill shelters beyond capacity.

It is unfortunate that many of these cats will have to be put to sleep if homes are not found for them. Animal shelters will always strive to help families adopt a cat responsibly, and during the month of June, which is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, animal shelters, the ASPCA, and American Humane focus increased effort on educating the public on how to care for their cats and adopt new ones, in an effort to not only provide those needy cats with friendly homes, but also to keep the population of strays from growing to increasingly severe proportions.

Many animal shelters can provide a wealth of information, including pamphlets, brochures, and programs for children. Celebrated every June, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month helps to raise awareness about the homeless population of cats and the benefits that come from providing a home for the cute and cuddly felines.

Animal shelters are open all year-round, but in June, during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, they may promote themselves with open houses and special activities for children, introducing families to the cats and kittens that desperately need their help for a better life.

Another message that the shelters have for us is how our lives can also be improved with the ownership of a cat or cats. Your cat will of course grant you unconditional love and devotion, and studies show that cats can help sooth your nerves and reduce stress, and owners of cats are likely to live an additional 10 years than those with no pets.

Of course, before you decide to adopt a cat, you must first make sure you are aware of the responsibilities of owning a cat and familiarize yourself with cat behavior, which can be strange at times. Your local animal shelters will be certain to educate you on all things cat related, and will clear up any myths or misconceptions you may have about cats.

You can also go to www.aspca.org where you will find lots of useful information available for reading and for download, both for prospective cat owners and those of you already fortunate to have a furry companion.

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