KIlling My Childhood..

A few broken pieces of primitive metal caps
Some tin cans, squared plaques, poster colors
Disoriented brushes, hordes of tainted greetings card
Sparkles, glues, satin ribbons, barbie, mickey stickers……..

Some sweet love letters sealed with heartaches
Old, tattered Alice in the wonderland, a few Archies comics
Titin adventures, archaic pencil boxes with extinct pens
Glitters, magnets, cellophanes, colored papers, chalks…….

A closet full of childhood reminiscence
Full of engaging memories, indelible nostalgia
I will have to get rid of those, definitely this time
I need space, more space to accommodate unfamiliarity…….

I have run out of coveted sizeable space
The mahogany closet is a monster
A monster, which has to be killed
My childhood memories have to be killed …….

My childhood has to be killed !!

21January 2008

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