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It’s no secret that the internet is a goldmine when it comes to shopping. Not only are there no crowds, but a wide range of brand names, competitive prices, and unique items are out there to be found. Still, consumers can be intimidated by the vastness of the Internet’s virtual shopping mall. It often takes massive amounts of time to simply find an online store that’s worth browsing through, and even then it can be risky to order from. Another downfall: the lack of dressing rooms. How do shoppers know what will fit them? It seems that a certain online boutique understands these issues and is willing to provide a solution; this certain boutique is Karmaloop.com. The website features a multitude of consumer-related services and goods.

One great service is the website’s live chat. Instead of having to call the company in case any questions arise regarding items or orders, anyone can just log on to the website during business hours and drop a message, digitally. That means no chance of wait time for customer service. In the case of absolutely having to call, don’t worry-the customer service is very generous and patient in regards to your concerns. Another great aspect of Karmaloop.com’s customer service is its ability to promote store credit. It is rare to pay for shipping on orders because the company sends lots of emails out that contain codes for sale items, general discounts, gifts, and (of course) free shipping. If customers want to know how something fits, the Karmaloop customer service agents do know.

Karmaloop.com has a wide range of unique clothing to offer. In fact, they even accept designs from artists who submit them via the site. This camaraderie is best put into words by the workers behind karmaloop, “Karmaloop was founded in 1999 to battle the evil forces of McFashion. In a world populated by Abercrombie Zombies Karmaloop was created to provide a universally accessible alternative – a boutique to outfit cutting edge culture.” Karmaloop.com currently offers approximately 70 brands, including a few gems such as Penguin Munsingwear, Obey, Triple Five Soul, Paul Frank, and One True Saxon-for young men and women.

The site categorizes what they sell in neat frames that are simple for anyone to navigate. It can be simple to find a great outfit by just searching under the ‘new arrivals’ or ‘sale items’ brackets for guys and girls. Anyone can even search under the size of the item they’re searching for. Karmaloop.com is really a great place to keep checking out, as clothing can always be found at discounted prices because of frequent sales.

The site has also recently added an Adidas Originals collection full of shoes, jackets, and shirts that are remarkably exclusive. Check out the 1984 Micropacers, you can’t even find those on Ebay! So check out Karmaloop.com. It’s honest people, good prices, and can often provide a good look without all the hassle and corniness of the stores at the mall. Items ship quickly and, with a little bit of smart shopping and good timing, for free!

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