Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Katrina is the most beautiful of all
She is the mistress of the glass moon
Like a ballerina performing a triple axle in the Olympics
Hurricane Katrina swirled
Death and destruction across the New Orleans delta
The eyes of Katrina uncovered a
Shameful poverty which
Hides like rotten meat beneath a land of the free
Americans of African descent have sacrificed their
Blood, sweat and tears
In building the richest nation on earth
Unpaid for their labor
Home of the brave and home of the free
America the beautiful unveils
Torn garments from the underclass citizen
While local newspapers spinning facts and fiction
Producing sensational news headlines and photographs
Somehow avoiding the mass genocide in Rwanda
America, the world is listening
America, the world is waiting
America, the world is watching
The world will judge America by the
Words and deeds from your beautiful heart
A divided nation will not stand on broken dreams or broken promises
History whispered a secret that all great nations must have great falls
America�America, who is the most beautiful of all?

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