Keep Overpopulation Down: Spay and Neuter Your Cat

People are not the only ones that are being overpopulated; cats are too. We can control our own population, but cats are going on pure instinct of survival of their species and it is up to us to control their populations in our domestic household cats. Each and every day there are about 10,000 humans born in the United States of America and there are about 40,000 kittens born each day. As a result of this overload of kittens being born every year, 4 to 6 million of these precious babies are put to death because there are not enough homes for all of them.

By spaying and neutering your cat you are in turn saving millions of lives and significantly improving your pet’s health and prolonging his/her life. By spaying your female cat, you are helping to prevent her from getting uterine and ovarian cancer and reducing her risk of getting breast cancer. By neutering your male cat, you are greatly reducing his risk of prostate enlargement and cancer. A neutered male cat will also be less likely to roam the neighborhood, get into fights with other males and will become more affectionate towards you and your family.

Animal shelters are overwhelmed with hundreds of unwanted cats and kittens, and a large majority of them have to be put to sleep due to their not being enough room to house them all. Don’t let a lot of poor defenseless cats and kittens be sentenced to death because you couldn’t get your cat spayed or neutered. Other unwanted kittens are tossed into trash dumpsters or are stranded in a remote area, destined to die alone and hungry.

These poor little creatures deserve to live just as you and I are allowed to live out our lives. Some people think of them as just animals, and nothing more. They think they have no feelings, no emotions, and they treat them with no respect. Cats have feelings and they show emotions; maybe not by yelling, laughing, or even crying with tears, but they do all of these in their own special way. A cat in pain will wail and cry out. If you are a true animal lover you will the see laughter on their faces and the tears in their eyes. You can see the fear in an animal’s eyes and see them tremble as you take them to an unknown place. You will see their expressions and know how they truly feel.

Scratch your cats chin and listen to him/her purr with contentment and watch her eyes light up with joy. Animals may be just animals to many people, but you’ve got to remember, we’re all animals and we all show our feelings in very different ways. They deserve to have a life just as we do. Give them the freedom to experience life to its fullest, or at least as much as they possibly can inside your home, safe and sound with you. Spay and neuter your cat and give them life.

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