Keith Olbermann, My Hero: Did You Catch His Excoriation of Donald Rumsfailed?

Did anyone catch Keith Olbermann’s show last night, August 30? He kept promising a special comment directed to Donald Rumsfailed’s speech in which the worst Defense Secretary any nation has ever had to suffer with essentially declared that anyone who questioned why it is taking longer to win a war against a country with no army is taking longer than it took to defeat Germany, Italy and Japan combined in WWII is intellectually confused. Rumsfailed actually had a pair of kachongas so big that he implied that the fascist threat facing America today was coming not from an administration that has systematically stripped Americans of basic constitutional rights, but from those who dare question why thousands of Americans are still in Iraq instead of going after the guy who really is most responsible for Islamic terrorism in the world. Rumsfailed considers people like me the equivalent of a fascist Nazi appeaser because I wonder out loud why American taxpayers have spent billions catching a man who had nothing to do with 9/11, while the guy who is responsible for it is still alive and living in a cave. Rumsfailed considers it a fascist statement to query why the most advanced intelligence system in the history of the world…can’t find one guy hiding in a cave.

You think I’m pissed off? You should have heard Keith Olbermann. You probably can on YouTube or Ifilm, but just in case you can’t and you want to read Olbermann’s far more eloquent response to what may very well be the stupidest, most insane, most arrogantly misguided speech to come out Rumsfailed’s mouth yet-well, except for when he said he knew where the WMDs were and then went on to point out the actual cities that where soldiers would be finding them (they didn’t)-then I’m providing this link where you can either watch it or read the text.

Thank God for Keith Olbermann. My new hero.

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