The Unpossible

Man, trying to acquire salvation; that is, to throw off the curse of sin, is a futile effort. Albeit, humanity uses artificial means to achieve it. They gain wealth, which is quickly spent; they attempt and endeavor to relish the opportunity to engage in revelry, the party ends-usually with a terrible headache and many regrets afterwards. There are other attempts, some noble, but all pointless.

God’s way is the best way. It never fails, nor does it ever expire. When the disciples of Jesus, after hearing that it was easier for a camel to pass through the needle of an eye than gain admittance to heaven( note paraphrase), they asked: then who can be saved?

The answer: with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. God is man’s only way to Heaven, for what else can work? Being really good? How much good? Being nice? Going that route, you won’t be nice for very long in this world.

All roads lead to the same place one may say, but even a child knows that if there are four roads; three lead to different ice cream cones: one made of plastic, one carved from stone, and the other has already melted, but the fourth road (the right road) holds the real ice cream cone. The child, being as children are, will with alacrity, run down that correct path. Jesus was right when he said that in order to have heaven one must come as a child does: not doubting, all trusting. (note paraphrase)

Many people are choosing roads that lead to hollow heavens, none will satisfy accept the real one. The right road has been made by God through his begotten son Jesus Christ. The unpossible has been made possible.

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