Kicking ass: Halo 2 Multiplayer

Halo 2 Multiplayer tactics:
For those of you who are to shy to ask other players and clan members or have too much pride to admit that you suck ass, here is the answer to your question: why do I suck so much on Halo 2 multi player? The answer is simple, you aren’t playing right. Your xbox wasn’t designed to make you an instant winner so listen up. Let me introduce you fools to a few fundamental principals that will improve your game and maybe bump your level up a few points.

Know the Map
Take some time to set up a custom game with no players and no time limit. Roam around every inch of the map and see where you can go and can’t go. Go ahead and jump on that narrow ledge and see how far you can walk on it. Think that slope is too steep? Find out how far you can climb it. For example the tall spires on the map ‘Ascension’ are easily climbed. The rock archway on the same map can also be climbed from either end but only after jumping up on to it. Don’t forget to explore jumping on walkways from the high platforms on ‘Lockout’. I have even seen snipers hiding at the top of a palm tree in ‘Ivory Tower’. I don’t know how they get there but I think that it requires the use of a grenade. If you figure out how then let me know.

Another part of knowing Halo 2 multiplayer maps is recognizing the map weapon package and where they can all be found. The weapon package is displayed at the beginning of the multiplayer match and indicates what weapons will be available during the match. Know what weapons come with what package and where they will appear on the map.

Spawn Points
One of the cheese ball aspects of Halo 2 multiplayer is that spawn points are still predictable and with that comes campers and people spawning behind you. Whether you want to get a few easy kills or avoid someone clubbing you in the back of the head, then you have to learn where the spawn points are on each map. The easiest way to do this is to make a note of where you spawn after you die. After some time you will start to recognize where you are. If you don’t have at least some idea of where these spawn points are then you will be asking yourself ‘where the hell did that guy come from? They aren’t all squatting.

Controller Settings
Don’t be afraid to experiment with your controller settings. For the most part, noobs will just use the default controller settings and get so used to them that they never realize that they can customize them to something that is far more effective. Sometimes all you need is to be able to turn around just a little quicker. Play around with the turn sensitivity and keep in mind that this is crucial for close quarters combat. If you have a setting that is too fast then you will have problems aiming in the distance. If you have a setting that is too slow then you will not be able to turn around fast enough to shoot at an enemy that just ran past you or avoid someone clubbing you in the back of the head.

Aim for the Head
Not everyone realizes that you don’t need a sniper rifle or beam rifle to get a head shot. Get in to a multiplayer game with no sniper weapons and aim for your opponents head (‘Foundation’ typically has none). At the end of the game take a look at the head shot stats and you will most likely see that you pulled off a few head shots. Just about any weapon is capable of rendering a head shot and they hurt. Other than sniper and beam rifles, battle riffles are very effective when aimed at the head. It takes some practice and getting used to but always try to aim at the head. You will inevitably miss frequently to start out but if you personalized your controller settings then you will soon get used to it and you will be able to track your opponents head a mile away. This an easy way to get that needed edge when its just you and another poor noob duking it out.

There are many other highly effective tactics to learn and more yet to be discovered. Heck, I didn’t even mention grenades. But these basics should be enough to get you back on the winning track. Halo 2 multiplayer can be frustrating if you don’t win every now and then so give yourself and your xbox a chance to enjoy the thrill of victory.

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