Kid Friendly Restaurants in the Raleigh, NC Area

My husband and I were new to the Raleigh area three years ago. We had a 2 year old daughter and one on child on the way and we were lookig for easy places to eat. Since then we have a new son and three children under the age of six and have become the resident experts on kid friendly restaurants.

Okay here are the obvious…kids always love Chuck E Cheese but do you? And even if you do, how much pizza can you eat? a Usually the children don’t sit still long enough to eat anything, so it’s you and that yummy pizza!
Bullwinkles is another place here in the area with much better food, better selection, cleaner, and better games, but once again, how much of this can an adult take?

We have found some great solutions to these often daunting predicaments.

O’Charley’s, O’Charley’s, O’Charley’s. This restaurant is awesome for any amount of children of any age! The childrens menu has so many great choices from fried shrimp, macaroni and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, chicken tenders and mini corn dogs for entrees, and this doesn’t include the sides that come with it. The broccoli side is so good it taught all three of my kids to love those little green florets. If your kids are not into the broccoli, they also have french fries and fruit cups. The drinks come with the meal and it really is enough food to feed an adult at lunch. If all this sounds too good to be true, it gets better. The kids meals are completely free and they are very, very friendly about it and will even bring your kids balloons to the table. This place is by far our first choice every time.

Another great place to go is Miltons Pizza and Pasta. Lunch time is a buffet of any kid of fresh from the oven pizza you can think of and if not you can request your own favorite. There are also other items for you and your children like a salad bar and pasta bar with all kinds of pasta from lasagna to veggie lasagne, spaghetti with a variety of toppings and a hot food buffet with chicken, potatoes, vegetables, bread and even a delicious desert bar with tons of great treats. All of this for a small price for adults and a novel pricing for children is 60 cents per year of age. The staff is very friendly and helpful and you can tell they have all worked together for a long time. It is a very comfortable for a family.

Our next choice is Chili’s. the staff is always awesome and friendly right down to the managers always stopping to ask about your food or your kids. The atmosphere is fun, loud and busy. Someone is always running by with something sizzling.
The kids menu has tons of chices of entrees and sides. kids can pick from corn dogs, pasta, chicken tenders, hamburgers,grill chicken platter, pepper pals etc and the list goes on. The sides are just as great from cinnamon apples ( my kids favorites) to corn on the cob, rice fries broccoli and more. It is great food and decent prices.
Moe’s is one of my husband and my favorites simply because of their simple but delicious food. It is quick, loud and our kids love to scream “welcome to Moe’s” every time a new person or family walks in the door!

They have some cute and tasty kid meals and they even eat free on Mondays. Moe’s is definitely is worth checking out for the convenience, price , fun and casual family atmosphere. Our family could use something like this article every time we move to a new city and we hope it is useful for you.

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