Kitchen Cleaning Hints

The kitchen is often one of the most utilized rooms in the home. However, it can also be the most unappealing room to work in if it is dirty. A sink full of dishes and cluttered counters may make you want to order take-out instead of cook for your family. One of the greatest kitchen cleaning hints is to avoid build-up. So use these kitchen cleaning hints to keep grease, dirt, and clutter from taking over your kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning hint #1: Wash and wipe as you go.
Fill the sink with sudsy water whenever you are about to prepare a meal. That way you can rinse the dishes right after you use them and then just load them into the dishwasher. This prevents food from hardening on the dishes, which is time consuming to scrub off. And this also prevents the sink from piling up with dirty dishes that no one wants to deal with.

Wipe down the stove and counter tops right after you have finished using them.

Kitchen cleaning hint #2: Soak instead of Scrub.
A great kitchen cleaning hint for pots and pans with tough stains is to soak them overnight in sudsy water with some baking soda in it. The baking soda loosens stuck on grease and grime. For extremely tough cooked-on dirt, put baking soda directly onto the pan and add just enough water to form a paste. That way the next morning you can don’t have to scrub your dishes clean.

Kitchen cleaning hint #3: Keep counters clear.
After using the ingredients necessary in a dish, wipe off the containers and promptly return them back to their spots (i.e. cabinets or refrigerator). This only takes a few moments and prevents clutter from building up on the counters.

Also, only keep items on top of your counter that you use at least once a week. If, for example, you only use your crock pot every few months, then store it in a cabinet. This keeps items that you need in easy reach and keeps your counters clutter free at the same time.

Kitchen cleaning hint #4: Wipe Weekly.
Some parts of your kitchen do not need daily maintenance. Cabinet doors, the outside of appliances, stove burners, and the kitchen floor usually only require a weekly cleaning. However, if several weeks pass before these areas are addressed then the kitchen will start to look dirty. So, you may want to choose a certain day of the week to complete these tasks to ensure they get done.

Again, the key to a clean kitchen is not letting dirt build up. So, use these kitchen cleaning hints to keep your kitchen clean on a daily basis.

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