Kona Blend Coffee from Millstone Broke My Starbucks Habit

Kona Blend Coffee from Millstone is one coffee I can brew at home that will keep me from daydreaming about Starbucks all day long. On the search for a way to break my candy coffee habit I cam across Kona Blend Coffee from Millstone at the grocery store. I had been walking past it for years, never giving a thought to even trying it. That was until my waistline and my wallet began to cry out for mercy. A twelve ounce bag of Kona Blend Coffee from Millstone will cost you anywhere form $5 to $8 depending on your city, your location, the weather, and whether you have coupons.

Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee beans have a clean, nutty taste that is very distinct. Kona coffee is considered to be some of the best coffee in the world. Hawaii has the perfect weather conditions for fabulous coffee beans. Humid warm weather is perfect for coffee. While a pound of pure Kona coffee may make your local coffee shop look inexpensive, if you are willing to buy a Kona Blend you can get the same great taste minus the hefty price. For a coffee to be considered a Kona Blend it must at least have 10% Kona Coffee. Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee is no exception.

Millstone was founded in 1981 in Everett, Washington. Something about the great state of Washington makes it a coffee lover’s dream. You can find Millstone coffees in almost any grocery store in the United States. I have even been in the middle of nowhere Alabama, with nary a coffee shop in sight, and was able to find my Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee.

My favorite thing about Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee is the smell. Could you really write a review of a coffee and not go on and on about the smell of fresh ground coffee? The smell is a wonderful precursor to the lovely taste. While the description on the bag says words like floral, nutty, and bright, I have my own personal opinions. Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee is the perfect light coffee for the morning. The taste is never bitter and I have never reached my fill. I highly recommend buying the whole beans and grinding it each morning right before you drink it. The taste will be better.

I suppose if there was one thing I would change about Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee it would be the price. Although compared to Starbucks and other coffee shops it is inexpensive, sometimes a twelve-ounce bag can reach upwards of $8. If you are a coffee addict this can quickly add up. The best thing I can recommend is to only grind and brew as much of your Millstone’s Kona Blend Coffee as you are going to drink. This will definitely make it last longer. Something about waste not want notâÂ?¦.

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