L.L. Bean Book Packs

L.L. Bean book packs are the best around whether for travel or going back to school. L.L. Bean has a variety of Youth, Teen and Campus book packs, as well as lunch boxes, that make a balance between extra space and special compartments for fragile items like your laptop or cellphone. L.L. Bean book packs are also tough and well-constructed for travel. I took them to Africa for two years and to Spain on my research trips and they hung together through rain, mud and rough roads. I always make sure I have one.

Their roominess is one of their best features. For example, there are standard L.L. Bean book packs, either the regular sized one at 1450 cubic inches or the “Deluxe Book Pack”, a monster at 2,250 cubic inches. These packs have a main compartment for books and other bulky items, a slimmer compartment for notebooks and folders and a smaller one still for small things you don’t want to lose like your purse, wallet or keys. The smaller compartment has both an open sleeve and one with a zipper for higher security.

Special compartments can include a padded one with a Velcro close inside of the notebook compartment just for your laptop with a smaller sleeve for zip drive pens or floppy disks (the “Super Shockwave Pack”). Other L.L. Bean book packs include sleeves made to fit a cellphone and hold water bottles. All of these special compartments are padded and secured to keep delicate items separate and safe from heavier items like books, clothes or shoes. You can also get book packs with wheels that roll like luggage along the ground. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the more organized the interior of the book pack you buy, the less free space you get, which might create a problem if you travel light. So, look over the different models carefully and note their size in cubic inches to get an idea of what suits you best. L.L. Bean also makes kid-sized book packs that won’t overload younger kids taking them to school.

Another major feature of L.L. Bean book packs is the toughness of the material. All L.L. Bean products have a guarantee of return on them if they break or you’re not otherwise satisfied. The problem is that after the several years it takes to wear out a book pack, it’s much too embarrassing to complain about the quality, even if you wanted to go through the hassle of finding the receipt to return it.

L.L. Bean book packs are made of tough nylon that is both water resistant (though not waterproof) and easily washable. They also come in a variety of bright colors and designs, with a reflective diagonal strip across the front compartment. Since I shove far too many books and other heavy items in all of the time, the first thing that goes is always the main compartment’s zipper, never the material. LL. Bean book packs can take a far heavier load than you’re willing to carry, over 30 pounds. Fortunately, the straps are padded and designed so that the book pack rides well on your back, no matter what the weight.

Whether you’re going back to school or traveling light, you should have a look at the L.L. Bean book packs. They work well for all sorts of purposes, both indoor and outdoor. They won’t let you down.

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