The Best Victorian Places Online

If you love reading, dressing and decorating Victorian you’ll find what you’re looking for online. There’s a wide range of Victorian topics at where there are links to topics of politics, social history, philosophy, literature, visual arts and science. There is a wealth of info at the site including books, authors, periodicals and so much more.

You’ll find a Victorian dictionary at where you can learn more about Victorian language, crimes and prison, clothing, dates and events, food and drink, lighting, religion, markets and just about any other Victorian topic. This is a great site for those wanting to familiarize themselves with Victorian times.

At Victorian Station you’ll find information on Victorian architecture, home decorating, life styles, royalty, literature and art. They even have a Victorian mall where you can purchase restoration supplies, gifts, decor and fashion. See it all at

Whatever your Victorian desires, you’ll find it at They have furniture, wallpaper, and clocks. There’s house plans, windows and remodeling instructions. Like to travel? You’ll find links to all the best Victorian must-sees or bed and breakfasts. Purchase Victorian fashions like shawls and corsets or wedding attire. They’ve also got a great history run-down with categories like Queen Alexandra, Queen Victoria, or even the Civil War. This site has it all.

At Craft Town you’ll find lots of Victorian crafts that you can do yourself. You’ll find instructions on how to make pill boxes, wedding favors, nosegay wreaths, Victorian tree skirt, collages, doilies and many more. Go to to find these crafts projects.

Find Victorian collectibles like dolls (, clothing or lace and linens (, or Victorian wallpaper ( when you shop online.

Get free clipart images from the Victorian era to use for cards. Download the pictures onto your hard drive then print them. There’s also Victorian quotations and verses that you can use for free. Have a look: Find more stock photos here:

Victorian census:

Victorian poetry:

Literary resources:

Victorian clothing:

Send a Victorian e-card:

Victorian vocabulary:

Learn more about the way Victorian children lived:

Victorian swim wear photos:

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