Take Surveys Online for Cash and Prizes

You won’t believe how many thousands of survey sites there are online! Some are scams, some pay nothing, but others give you great prizes or even cash. Some surveys can last for a few minutes, some can go on seemingly forever, so it’s important to know which surveys will offer you the most for your time.

Some survey sites promise big rewards, and maybe they deliver them to some people, but for others, it’s endless surveys in your email, but when you click on them, you’re not the one whose opinion they want. You’ll click on the survey, it’ll ask you all kinds of questions, then it’ll give you a screen which says, basically, that you didn’t meet the criteria. And, you’ll go through dozens of them before you actually are accepted, causing you to wrap up hours for a, finally, $2 reward.

There are some very reputable companies, though, that offer small rewards, but will accept your opinion without all the games and hassle. Some of these sites are a little difficult to become a member of, since they generally require that you be recommended by a standing member.

One great survey site is called Harris Polls. They offer some great prizes in the form of “portfolios”. After taking a few surveys, usually sent about once every couple of weeks, you’ll build up enough “points” to open a portfolio. They have low-end portfolios, containing $5 gift certificates to fast-food restaurants, and other small gifts. Or, save up for a high-end portfolio and choose jewelry, wallets, higher-value gift certificates and other nice prizes. Prizes come quickly, usually within a couple of weeks. Most anyone can sign up at this site during times when they are accepting new members. Go to www.harrispollonline.com to read more.

Pinecone Research is a cash-only survey site that gives each participant $5 for a completed survey. The reward is a check that arrives in the mail, about a week after doing the survey. Some of the surveys are extremely short and others are extraordinarily long. An average survey, though, takes about 5 to 15 minutes. The site doesn’t allow visitors to just drop by and sign up, though. You have to be referred by another member, but sometimes you can email the company and they’ll let you sign up yourself and a specified number of friends. You can also visit some of the larger online freebie sites. They often allow members to list referral sites where they can earn rewards for referring others. Read more about Pinecone at: Www.pineconeresearch.com

E-poll is a survey site that focuses mainly on television and movie questionnaires. The surveys can be somewhat lengthy, depending upon your answers to the initial questions. Rewards include gift certificates to places like Amazon or fast food eateries. Rewards are offered on many levels, so take a few surveys and grab a $5 gift card, or take many and get a higher-denomination gift card. Gifts usually take six or eight weeks to receive. Go to www.e-poll.com to read more about the program.

Other survey sites:

Earn points and cash them in for prizes: www.mysurvey.com

Earn real cash (pennies) for surveys: www.refundsweepers.com/surveys.shtml

Earn cash, prizes, or donate your earnings to charity at this survey site: www.grandmajam.com

Earn points then exchange them for cash here: www.weeklywebpoll.com

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