Land a Project: Online Job Bidding Sites for Freelance Writers

As a work at home parent, I am always searching for new ways to make money. Unfortunately due to financial situations, I am unable to start my own dream business; therefore, I have to relay on work being offered by others. With most work from home jobs requiring two phone lines or high speed internet, two things that I currently can not obtain, I find myself doing some freelance writing. Freelance writing is a fairly fun way to make money; however, many writers cannot make a full income off of it. One of the increasing popular ways for freelance writers to obtain work is by online bidding sites, also known as coding sites.

In addition to freelance writing, these online job bidding sites will offer projects on web design, computer programming, and much more. Some of the sites referred to as coding sites may have initially started out as a computer site and then later adapted to include freelance work. There are some online bidding websites that you may have to pay a subscription fee; however, there are various sites that are free. Since I just started participating in the online bidding programs, I have only joined the free membership sites. You begin by setting up your profile and stating your background in freelance writing. Once your profile is all set you can start searching for open jobs.

On these bidding sites you will find individuals who need jobs completed that they may not be able to do themselves. For freelance writing you tend to find website owners who want keyword articles to maximize their search engine potential. The website owners may be able to build an outstanding website; however, that does not mean they can write decent articles. These bidding sites kind of remind me a little bit of Ebay. The project will be listed for a certain number of days, depending on the preference of the person offering the project, who is often referred to as a webmaster. You and other individuals will be able to look over the project and see what is expected. If you decide that you are qualified or interested in completing the project, you will state how much you are willing to do the project for. There are some sites that will not display what you and other individuals bid on the project; however, others will.

Once the project listing ends, the webmaster will be able to review each bid and the qualifications of the person behind it. Once the webmaster has selected the winning bidder, the project will begin. Almost everyone who posts a job on these sites will state a certain deadline when the project should be completed. You are advised not to bid on the project if you are unable to meet the deadline. Although some of these sites offer a free membership, you generally end up paying a fee based on the size of your project. There are some online bidding sites that will take ten to fifteen percent of your project value.

Determining how you will be paid is something that should be established before the freelancer begins the project. When I first started out, I was actually unaware of the fact that there are individuals who will scam you and steal your work. I completed a project that was supposed to be for $150. I submitted the work and have still yet to hear anything from the individual. They took my work and mostly likely submitted it somewhere else for their own profit. I now only deal with project posters who have some sort of feedback and who are willing to escrow a portion of the money. All most all bidding sites will allow an escrow to be done. This will basically allow the bidding site to hold on to the money until the project is completed, pretty much guaranteeing that you will be paid.

It is best to fully examine and properly reach an online bidding site before you start completing projects. A few of the recommended websites are,, and If you select the right projects and only submit quality work, online bidding sites can be a great way for freelance writers to increase their profits.

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