The same separatists that wanted Blacks to go back to Africa want Hispanics to go back to Mexico. And it will never happen, because the people who have the power to influence and convince Mexicans to return to Mexico will never do it. Businesses are making money off illegal aliens who are underemployed. Underemployed because they do not receive any insurance, benefits, stock or retirement of any kind. Employers love them, because they will do the same job, for $5, that Americans want $10 an hour for.

Suddenly America has become this third world country in which we all have to learn Spanish. Truth is, everyone else already knows English. There isn’t a country that you can go to, that has been touched by the ideals of “Western” society, where you won’t find someone who speaks English.

The government is not going to build up third world countries. And why should they? They flee those countries and help make America great. Likewise, American businesses flee this country and go elsewhere, where the opportunity to make money is greater than it is here. Conversely, the opportunity for Mexicans to make more in America is greater than it is for them to make more in their own country, or anything at all.

Educators, Hospitals, and other institutions are not going to turn away, or show indifference to Hispanics. Particularly because of the same few men who are angry anytime anyone other than themselves can get ahead, or receive anything that they feel entitled to get, without doing anything at all.

In some respects, the new labor is helping and hurting America at the same time. If everyone who was in this country paid taxes and contributed to the system, there wouldn’t be an argument. At the same time, America is a “compassionate” country, who is not going to divide families and communities, as well as take the extra time out to legally process the red tape that will help society rid itself of aliens.

There has always been someone that shouldn’t be here, as well as someone who doesn’t deserve to have anything. The irony of it is that Americans, have ancestors who stole the country at the hands of Native Americans. Fifty years from now, Hispanics may constitute the majority of the population. Yet even then, I’m sure you’ll hear someone complaining that Hispanics refuse to assimilate themselves into the American fabric, as if there is a dominant American culture to begin with.

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