Learn The Signs of When Baby is About to Go Potty

Do you hate those diapers? Do you really hate seeing your baby all red and itchy from diaper rash? Do you have another choice? Some parents believe you do. It is a new parenting approach called ‘elimination communication.’

What? Are you baffled? Yes, at first, it does sound a little baffling and a little out there. But keep reading.

This is a new phase that a lot of parenting is trying. It cuts down on the number of diapers being used. (good for the environment and our pocketbooks). It helps save time from those messy cleanups.

So what is it? Basically, you learn the signs of when baby is going to go potty and then you carry baby to the adult potty (the toilet) or a baby training potty and hold baby over it while they perform their necessary function. Impressive? Yes, it is.

How do you learn the signs? You just watch your baby. Every baby is unique. After all, this is a tiny little human and every human being is unique. But as a parent you begin to learn the signs. The obvious signs are when the little one becomes extremely still or suddenly squirmy. You can also tell sometimes by reading certain facial expressions. There are also certain times that babies more frequently want to potty such as right after waking up after a nap or about thirty minutes after eating.

Parents, who are using this method, do not rely on this method entirely. It would be impossible to watch your little one constantly. Most of the parents using this method will continue to use diapers to keep from having mishaps or when they are to busy to watch the little one. But if they happen to notice that the baby looks and acts like he/she is ready to go potty, they undo the diaper and hold it over the adult toilet or the kiddy potty.

Doctors do not feel that this does the child any harm. They do say it takes some dedicated parents to try this method.

But according to the research there are a lot of dedicated parents out there trying this approach. There are about 50 internet support groups right now dedicated to helping parents who want to try this method or who simply want to learn more about it. One such group can be found at www.diaperfreebaby.org

Some parents even believe that by using the elimination communication approach now that their child may have an easier time adjusting to potty training later. Some are even hoping this may help their children be potty trained at an earlier age. But be warned that the American Academy of Pediatrics states that babies are not capable of controlling their bladders and bowel muscles until the age of 1 year and will still only have limited control for the next 6 months after that first year.

This will not stop diaper use completely. Parents are not capable of watching their children that closely twenty four hours a day. But it will help cut down on the usage.

Could this be something you wish to try with your child? Possibly? Your first step is to start watching and gauging when your child show the signals that he/she is about to go potty in his/her diaper. The parents who are using this method claim that once you catch that first one and are able to reuse that diaper, you will be amazed.

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