Lessons Through a Lens

Young photographers are helping preserve a neighborhood.

“My grandmother told me about the shotgun houses,” said an excited Darney Butler, 11, in a recent article.

These sixth-graders were participating in Point of View, a 12-week photojournalism course run by Preservation Link and backed by the Foundation for Community Empowerment, according to the article. The Point of View photo projects gains success from its backers: the Foundation, a non-profit organization that rebuilds low-income neighborhoods in Dallas, and Preservation Link, a group that promotes art and culture, according to literature. The photo exhibit is called “Through the Eyes of Our Children – – Something Beautiful.”

Students with their borrowed digital cameras stopped to bask in community treasures that had been taken for granted or outright ignored, the article stated.

Dogs dotted Samuel Jordan’s front yard as Maria Novoa, 12, and Anabel Prado, 11, stopped to interview the 70-year-old resident, said writer Jean Nash Johnson.

“We are looking for something beautiful,” the girls announced.

The not-so-shy Jasmine and a less-bold Asia moved on to a yard where Lorenzo Bennett, 46, operated a weed trimmer, writes Johnson.

Bennett explained that he had just mowed his own lot when he saw that the yard next to his needed work, wrote Johnson.

“That’s something beautiful!” said Asia.

“After more than an hour, the outing started to wind down,” said Johnson. “The boy walked up to the porch and just as he was going to knock and ask for permission, the screened door opened to a smiling Mrs. Whitaker.”

By that time several in the group had gathered near the porch.

The exhibit is being featured through May 19th at the Dallas Museum of Art and June 2-22 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.

More than 100 photographs will travel for a year to other locations, including the African American Museum, CityArts Celebration, and others according to research.

For more information, go to fcedallas.org and preservationlink.org.

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