Let Your Girl Know that You Care: Tips on How to Show Your Sensitive Side!

Here are six things you can do to let her know that you mad about her! You could also score points too!

1.) Wake up kiss and call: In the morning, when you wake up, before you get out of bed, kiss your girl on her forehead, shoulder, or favorite spot to let her know that you care. As you kiss her, whisper in her ear that you’re blessed today because you awakened and she was by your side. Also tell her that you don’t know what you’d do without her love. If you do not live with your girl, and she is not there when you wake up, why not give her a call. If she does not answer her phone, leave this message on her home number as well on a cell phone’s voice mail. Believe me, you will not believe how happy this will make her when she sees that she has missed phone call from you and listen to your sweet romantic message.

2.) Leave your girl love notes: Love notes are timeless, romantic and perfect. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to make a Valentine. A.) Before you leave in the morning, if your girl is around, leave her a love note scribbled in the bathroom mirror so that when she gets out of the shower, the steam from the shower will make the message appear in steam. B.) Go to your local office supply store for simple office supplies: Sharpie markers, Red or Pink 3m sticky notes will do. 3m also makes stickies in assorted shapes and colors such as hearts (bingo) stars and just about anything. Get a few. If you’re concerned about what the cashier, or other store patrons will think when they see that you’re toting a cart of red and pink stickies, then you can go to the paper isle and get a solid pack of pink or red paper or you can not care what anyone thinks of you except your lady! You’re doing this for her right? The color of the paper does not have to be necessarily red or pink. You can select your girl’s favorite color – if you know itâÂ?¦ Just as long as you get paper because it shows that you put in the time and effort and women love that! So, all you have to do is write what you’re feeling. If you have horrible handwriting, pop it in the printer, or typewriter. If you’re going to use a sticky note and you know you’re writing favors that of a serial killer, just write slowly. Or you can pick of alphabet stickers and spell out a message! That’s always cute too.

3.) Surprise-Surprise: Every woman likes surprises guys – good surprises. Listen carefully guys: I am not talking about the type of surprises that will make your lady want to kill you or the type that will make her scream and spout tears like a fire hydrant! I’m talking about the kind of surprise that will make her swoon, make her weak in the knees and nearly faint! Surprise her at work with a bouquet of roses. If you d not want to buy a whole pricey bouquet, pick up a few flowers and have the florist bundle them with a bow. Or a single rose is just as sweet and romantic as large bouquet of 12, 24 inch, scarlet red, 1 dozen roses. You could also bring her something sweet like a teddy bear – try to pick a cute one, don’t get something that’s so ugly that it will make your girl want to hide it in her desk or bring her to tears every time she looks at it. If you can’t walk to her office, have flowers delivered! Wherever she is, bring her something.

4.) Chocolate: You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Go to any candy store such as See’s Candies, or Godiva Chocolates and get your girl a box of chocolates or two. You. You pick the size. This will really touch her.

5.) Victoria’s Secrets: Get her something sexy! Guy’s you should not wait until Valentine’s Day, or your 6 month anniversary to get your girl a sweet romantic gift! Why not just get her a gift because you CAN? Show your sensitive side 365 days a year! If you’re too squeamish to be seen in a lingerie store by yourself without your girl, then just go to the internet site and order a gift card, or a gift certificate! It will come in the mail and you can just address it to your girlfriend’s address so that it’s delivered to her! Or you can have the card sent to your address and pick up a card and give it to her or leave it for her to accidentally find!

6.) Poetry: Out of all of the things I’ve just listed, I feel that there is nothing more romantic than poetry! Poetry has wooed the heart of many women. Guys, even if you do not have rhyming skills, why not make a hyku, or a short sonnet? Of you can just pick up Shakespeare’s complete works, Robert Frost or any great romantic poet, and jot something down on a piece of paper and remember to quote it and give the author credit. Do not say it’s your own words because: 1.) If your girl is schooled in poetry, and you claim that it’s your own original works, you will be very embarrassed if you get caught! So let’s not try that! 2.) Ever heard of plagiarism? Plagiarism is when a person takes the words of another person and claims the words as being their own! Very bad and illegal!

Stay tuned for more romantic tips on how to show your girl that you care!

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