Lick Diabetes with Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate

For all you ice cream lovers this is great news you can prevent developing diabetes just by eating ice cream. In particular, eating chocolate ice cream can do the trick to prevent diabetes. One way to prevent getting diabetes is to eat more dairy foods and ice cream is a dairy product. For every increase in dairy servings per day decreases your chance of developing diabetes. So, does ice cream count as a serving? Yes, indeed. But you better your chances and maintain your weight if you eat low fat ice cream. Any ice cream will work against diabetes but chocolate seems to work even better.

Dark chocolate has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Greater insulin sensitivity is something those suffering from type 2 diabetes will definitely benefit from. Dark chocolate is not very popular in ice cream but the benefits of eating ice cream is the same as dark chocolate when trying to prevent diabetes and help those who have the disease. Millions of people take expensive drugs to increase their insulin sensitivity and now it looks like something as inexpensive and widely available as dark chocolate and ice cream can work wonders.

Since more and more dark chocolate products are becoming available everywhere, diabetes and prediabetes sufferers, along with everyone else has access to the product. Of course, it is important that you do not eat too much dark chocolate or ice cream. Don’t go on a dark chocolate or ice cream binge because instead of diabetes you will be trying to find ways to lose weight. Dark chocolate and ice cream have other benefits to your body as well. There is evidence that besides boosting insulin sensitivity, dark chocolate may lower blood pressure, improve blood vessel function, and reduce cholesterol. Ice cream and other dairy products can reduce stomach fat and digestion and decrease your chances of getting diabetes by 9 percent.

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