Lip Savvy

When you greet people, your smile is probably the first thing that catches their attention.

A smile, especially one that reaches the eyes, can be engaging enough to beckon someone’s interest and winning enough to hold their attention.

Oftentimes, people place all the attention on beautiful, white teeth that shine out through your smile. While this is important, the health of your lips is also important.

If your lips are sore and cracked, a smile can be painful and therefore, less engaging.

When you talk, your lips move constantly and therefore dry, cracked lips can create a desire to remain silent.

Do you ever think about how much depends or rests on your lips? Your lips are your gateway to so many different avenues.
With them you can:

o Whisper sweet nothings into the ears of your loved one.

o Push away the boogieman as you sooth and comfort your little ones.

o Pray for peace for ALL of humanity.

o Extend love and kindness to the people you cherish.

o Offer encouragement, support, and guidance to those who need it.

o Provide thoughtfulness and generosity in a time of need.

o Invite the sandman to elicit sweet dreams while you slumber.

Winter can be a harsh companion, especially on our lips. Therefore, caring for our lips should be part of our daily routine. Many products are available to help prevent dry and cracked lips. First and foremost, avoid problems with daily care. Take the time to invest in a few products that will keep your lips smooth and delectable.

An ounce of prevention (once or twice a day) is worth a pound of cure (all day long).

Preventative measures can be as simple as:

o Applying a small coat of Vaseline or lip balm when using a dry lipstick.

o Using a bit of lip balm to moisturize as you sleep.

o Using a lip balm before going out into harsh weather, especially one with a good SPF factor to protect them from the sun’s rays.

o Drinking plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated and supple.

o Avoiding the use of lipsticks that can dry out your lips if they have become chapped.

o Resisting the urge to lick your lips (saliva does not moisturize).

o Resisting the urge to nibble at your lips.

o Using a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove flaky skin from your lips.

Remember that pain is unnecessary, lips that hurt can and should be avoided, and there are many products available to help us.

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