Lord, I Do Need Your Love

God is truly sovereign.
He does see us all.
Why then, oh Lord
Do I feel so small?

I know you are there,
I need seek your love
and the love of Your Son
up in heaven above.

I must stretch my mind
and picture the best.
I will not be stuck here
In pain only dressed.

But I selfishly twist
Inside..only me
I don’t want to share
my sad heart, don’t you see?

But You’ll carry my burdens
Should I only ask.
I do need Your help Lord
To cast off my mask.

It’s hiding me, really me.
I am under this all.
I need to crawl up
And stand strong and stand tall.

Jesus, stay in my heart;
Oh please, won’t you stay?
I am learning Your love
A bit more every day.

You’ll take this sad pain
and banish it gone.
I know you can heal
All within me that’s wrong.

My heart’s not so heavy.
I don’t hurt so inside.
You’re helping me Lord.
You are on my side.

I praise You and love You
But if healing’s not mine;
I’ll still glorify you.
Just Your love will be fine.

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