Louisville’s Joe Ley Antiques: Visit the Past

The building that houses one of Louisville’s largest antique stores used to be a schoolhouse in 1890. Joe Ley Antiques now inhabits the building and has many different styles and items within the two acres. Whether you’re browsing or shopping, it’s a must see for anyone interested in Louisville antiques.

The items are spread over a basement, three stories and the lawn, making Joe Ley a very interesting way to spend the afternoon. It is a great spot for tourists to visit in Louisville, or it can be something fun to do with the family when the budget is tight. Items include things like antique toys, carousel items, poker tables, clowns, fortune tellers, jewelry, billfolds, lighters, garden statutes and much more. Walking through the collections makes you feel like a kid digging through a mysterious attic full of marvelous surprises and treasures. Joe Ley also houses some personal collections that are not for sale.

Joe Ley antiques isn’t just for people interested in Louisville antiques. It’s also a good spot for builders, architects and designers to find all sorts of stuff for decorating, building or restoration projects. Their basement is full of plumbing and door hardware, hundreds of mantles, balconies, fences, gates, posts, newels, railings, dentils, brackets, shutters, moldings, ornaments and they boast 5,000 doors.

This Louisville antiques store also has a great collection of antique lighting including chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, candlesticks, carriage lamps, and coach lights that can light your home and remind you of warm and glowing times past.

With so many unique items displayed in a fascinating way, it’s no wonder that this Louisville antiques tradition has attracted so much attention. It has been used as a location for filming music videos, commercials, and movies. It has also been recommended by “Apartment Life”, House Beautiful” and “Travel and Leisure” as a good spot to buy special items for your home and/or garden.

Joe Ley Antiques requires that you purchase a membership card to enter the store, but the membership card is only $1. They are located at 615 E. Market St in downtown Louisville. They can be reached at 502-583-4014 or you can check out www.joeley.com for more information on this Louisville antiques spot. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Sunday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. So you’re not confused when browsing, remember that the prices are written in letters. Each letter stands for a different numerical value. The people at Joe Ley will be glad to assist you if you are interested in purchasing a piece.

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