Make the Garage, Basement and Any Bedroom More Functional

The Garage
Have a garage that is used for more than just parking cars? For instance, besides a place to park your car, does your garage function as a get together for the weekly card game as well as an area that the neighborhood kids congregate to play when the weather does not permit them to play outside? Try these suggestions to make your garage more multi-functional.

– Starting with the floor, apply some high-gloss black epoxy coating. Besides the fact that it hides all the stains, it also looks quite sharp.
– If this is the only place you get to choose the color of paint, paint the walls your favorite color.
– For lighting, hang pendent lights. Besides being durable and inexpensive, they give off plenty of light and look really cool.
– Customize some wall cabinets to store your items and the items for the rest of the family. Choosing movie posters over girlie calendars will make a better statement in defense of your masculinity. Or, make a classy statement with some vintage neon signs.

The Basement

Have a basement the kids like to take over, but also looks appealing as a place to go for exercising? No problem. Here are some suggestions.

– A floor that works well for both an exercising mom and her active children is a hard rubber gym type.
– Paint the walls energy colors such as yellow, orange, and green.
– Find a treadmill that can fold up and store easy. Or, look for another piece of equipment that can easily be transported out of the way, or stored.
– Use a storage bench with casters for your dumbbells and other equipment. The casters will allow you to move the storage bench out of the way when the exercising is done. You can also use the storage bench as a work out tool if you lock the caster. Or it can also double as a small table for the kids.
– Floor mats is another item that can be used by both mom and kids. And when they are no longer needed roll them up and store them away.
– Find some kind of entertainment system that will help encourage exercising, and yet can still be used by kids.

Extra Storage Space

Need some extra storage space in a bedroom without adding on to your house? Try these ideas.

– Utilize the space under the bed. Add some drawers or sliding storage units.
– A rectangle container at the foot of the bed is a good way to store some items.
– A fun and unique way to store items is with a floor to ceiling bookcase with cubes. It is also a way to keep items separated. The cubed areas will also allow item filled baskets to be displayed for easier identification. Buy the kind of wood or unit that can be painted if desired. In this way, the end user will be able to add his or her own special touch.

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