Lovely Sight

Love in action is a sight to behold

Feeling love in all never gets old

To a child from its mother

A sister for her brother

A man for his dream gal

And a friend for their pal

A student’s inspiration from his teacher

A spiritual model who’s more than a preacher

Sweet peace in love there’s heaven on earth

Divine Love is the reason why we take birth

Love shared between all is this divine beautiful light

All races and religions share this lovely sight

With love as our abode there’s never hatred at all

And then we’re able to hear the divine call

All are His people and creatures with Him in them alive

To find Him within is what we all strive

What a lovely sight to behold

God’s radiant light shinier than gold

His essence is our very own glowing soul

But hatred and ego cover it like coal

Letting go of desire let it shine

We’ll discover more value than the greatest gold mine

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