The Mother Pusher

I have a buzz for my sons
A natural high
Keep injecting their bodies
’til the day that I die

An overdose of love
Is all that they’ll need
To fight off the drug man
Trying to influence my seed

In order for street gangs to take over my role
I would have to be dead in my grave, body gone cold

And even in death, while pushing up daisies
I’d send my spirit back
To rescue my babies

I didn’t lie down to stay down
I’m a fighter like that
I’d conquer the world
To take my bloodline back

An educational addiction
Now my babies are junkies
Raised in the spirit of intellect
So they won’t become flunkies

Have a mind of your own
Keep your conscious real clean
And be your own thinker
Don’t give up on your dreams

I remember my kin
Tucked me in real tight
To a bed of encouragement
Influenced my sight

To see the devourer
Before he brought game
The devil from my birth
Even now looks the same

He lives in the shadows
Listening for tears
Which send children to the streets
To their parents worst fears

I remember the pusher
From back when I was a teen
He was the man with the lines
Who made me feel redeemed

After being a victim
I’ve surveyed the game
Keep instilling in my children
To keep their curiosities tamed

Never look to the streets
For the thrills that remain
At home with the mother pusher
Cause your mommas got game

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