M&M’s the Lost Formulas Review

M&M’s The Lost Formulas: Review of Story
In the Lost Formulas, just as the M&Ms are about to relax on their beach vacation, they receive a call. The minis were left in charge of the factory, and now they’re creating havoc. The M&Ms have to abandon their vacation and get back to the factory to stop the minis and find the secret formulas. This is a fast paced game with music that will get kids dancing in their chairs. The setting is well done and adds to the adventure.

M&M’s The Lost Formulas: Review of Activities and Skills
Each level is divided into three parts. The first level of The Lost Formulas is the start zone. This is a challenging level that gets you used to the activity whether it’s driving or searching the factory. Next is the math zone. This level is a similar activity in a different setting that includes solving simple math problems. An example of a math problem would be four plus one equals five. The final or third zone is the same activity as the first two, but again in a somewhat different setting. There are no math problems in the third zone, but this zone tends to be a bit harder to navigate.

Aside from the math zone, which I believe can be turned off, this is more of a fun, fast paced computer game for kids than an educational game. Activities include driving through the city and over cliffs, jumping over chocolate spills in the factory and more. The math may be simple, but navigating the levels is challenging. To make it through each zone, the player will have to avoid a number of traps and moving objects.

Reasons to Buy M&M’s The Lost Formulas:
Great background setting with fun music, activities, and characters.

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