Difference Between GSM and 3G Technology

Technology has become hugely advanced during the past 30 years and electronic gadgets have become mind blowing these days. Cell phone technology has also taken some substantial steps forward and a whole new dimension has been opened for the cell phone users. Cell phones these days are not merely used for calling and texting purposes but these electronic gadgets serve entire pocket computers. The invention of smart phones has taken a simple calling device to an entire new level where you can connect to the world in a number of different ways over the internet.

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology enables a cell phone to connect to the data service provider by merely inserting a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card into it. These SIM cards allow stores network, service and phone information and this data can be easily transferred to another GSM cell phone. Most cell phones these days are working on GSM technology and an example of the popular GSM cell phone is Apple’s iPhone.

Smart phones are the advanced mobile phones with added features and having the ability to get access to the internet at remote places. Although GSM technology offers internet facility (through ‘Edge’ or GPRS), but the 3G technology completely revolutionised the internet connection to the smart phones. 3G is considered to be the third generation of cellular technology and was first introduced in 1998. 3G enables you to wireless voice telephony, mobile internet access, fixed wireless internet access, video calls and mobile TV via your smart phone.


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    GSM is regarded as the second generation of cellular technology (2G) and is primarily designed for full duplex voice telephony. It was introduced as a replacement for the first generation (1G) analogue cellular networks and was described as a digital circuit switched network. For using a cell phone internationally, you should need a GSM phone with a SIM card. This GSM technology is used in most countries of the world these days. The most popular GSM service providers in the United States are AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile. Carriers like Sprint and Verizon are CDMA and not GSM carriers.

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    3G enables your smart phone to transfer data from the web at incredible speed, allowing you to enjoy services like uninterrupted live streaming and video calling. 3G can allow your smart phone to transfer data at the minimum rate of 200 kbit/s. 3G network is the mostly used service speed in the United States and has made things very easy for the smart phone users.

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