My son was killed by the Eli Lilly drug Zyprexa and I have been very active in seeing that justice is done. A number of people have asked if they can join the 8000 plaintiff Zyprexa settlement against Eli Lilly: The answer is no; HOWEVER, there are numerous law firms taking individual cases.

If you do not know of a law firm to use, scroll down Google under Zyprexa law firms, Malpractice law firms, etc. and contact one or more firms to find one that feels like a good fit for you. Most firms are signing up individuals who have diabetes or other serious adverse effects of the drug. Incidentally, law firms are now also taking cases in which individuals contracted diabetes from the other atypical antipsychotics; Risperodol and Seroquel in particular.

Look for a firm that mentions that it deals with the drug that harmed you. Individual cases will be decided in court or in an out-of-court settlement if they have merit. Law firms that feel the case has merit will work on a contingency basis, which means that you will not have to pay anything up front: The law firm will take their share (usually a third of the award) once the case is settled.

Persons with an individual case in which death was the result should seriously consider going to court. This is the only way that the truth about Zyprexa will be told. Just as the Vioxx cases revealed in court that Merck knew the drug caused heart attacks, the truth of Zyprexa has not yet been revealed and it will only be revealed if evidence is disclosed in court.
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Ellen L.

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