Maintaining a Romantic Relationship While Raising Kids

It may seem for some parents that they can not find time for being romantic with their loved one. It can be that the kids are always around or it could be for some that they lose interest in being romantic. For some people after they have a child whether it’s the mom or the dad they sometimes lose interest in having sex. At first the baby waking every 3 hours can make parents feel sick and tired all the time. But there’s only a matter of time before that being is sleeping at night and than what. You either want to be romantic or you don’t. It is not the mom or the dads fault.

Time away from the baby can help the both of you feel a little bit relaxed. It is ok to get away from the baby. Many parents feel that they do not want to or do not need to. The reality is that you should find a family member or someone you can trust with the baby. The both of you can go to a nice dinner and movie. That would be not only fun but a great way of feeling a little bit of freedom. Children and babies can make us feel that we do not have any freedom left but we do. We need to make and find time. Some of us do not make time for ourselves let alone find romantic time. If we do not rekindle that spark in our relationship, than it can turn ugly. Sometimes people separate or just live together without communicating or even having sex. It happens to many of couples and marriages.

If there is love in a relationship than there is a way to making it work again. The both of you need to compromise and make it work out. Many parents make it work out for the kids and that’s wrong. You two were together before you had kids and it worked out fine. Now you have kids and there is an issue with sex or being romantic than you need to make time for yourselves. Its fine to go out with the baby even to a nice place to eat but then after take him or her to a family member to be watched. Don’t feel guilty about leaving him for a few hours. In the beginning I use to call my mom every 30 min to see how the baby was and she keep telling me you need to not worry he is fine. He was fine its just I was scared to leave him.

Make it work out for the whole family not for the kids only. It is about the two of you spending time a lot and rekindling your love for one another. Whether it is just out to a nice bar or a few hours in the bedroom make it special. For guys can have roses sent to your lady every now and then. For women they can cuddle up with their men and rub his hair. Dinners, movies, hot tubs, night out of town will all get you and your partner out of the house and back into each others arms.

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