Make Vintage Speaker Boxes in Two Days!

Many people want vintage speakers for a plethora of reasons. Some of the most predominant being for looks and that some of the newer systems “just don’t sound as good as the old stuff”. Some people can repair their old speakers, while others may have to do a bit of looking around at garage sales. To make vintage speaker boxes yourself, it will take around one to two days, so make sure you clear your schedule ahead of time. You shouldn’t hit $300, (assuming crossovers and drivers are in good condition) but be prepared to spend at least $150 to get these up and running. Oh, and, as with most projects, be prepared to wait as there is a lot of drying that must take place before moving on. (This guide assumes you will do some basic research and have some background knowledge about speakers)


*Wood glue
*Clear coat
*Circle jig saw

You will also need to try and find the original or similar documentation for your woofer. If you intend to buy the woofer, be sure to ask the owner for this.

With all the materials in hand, we are now ready to begin. If you already haven’t, get the measuring tape and paper out, we will be doing a lot of it. (Remember that the overall size of the speaker is based off the woofer. Too big or too small can result in damage to your “new” speakers, or a general unpleasant listening experience. A little research can save you a lot of frustration.)

*Time to do some measuring! You will need to in order to draw your design to scale. Accuracy is important you that you know where to cut all the holes. Being even just a little bit off can hurt the entire project.

*Make sure to leave enough room for wiring on the back side when designing it.

*When cutting, remember the saying less is more when cutting; you can always widen if need be.

*Glue neatly, and firmly. Even if you are excited to get keep going after, you must give it time to dry or you’ll end up with messy business. Wood glue generally takes several hours to dry, so be patient!

*Grab that caulking and seal the inside of the speaker boxes. If you’ve ever caulked the inside of of bathroom, tile, or anything, you’ll know that quick and clean is key here. The caulk will take at least a night to dry enough to work with.

*We’re on the home stretch now! Get out the wood stain and stain the wood as desired.

*Apply clear coat. This takes 2-4 hours to dry.

*Time to test how accurate your measuring was! Once dry, screw in midrange, tweeter and of course woofer, and the crossover in the back.

*Glue the back piece on and wait one last time for them to try. Again, this should be a few hours, but when dry, you’ll have the finished product of your hardwork: Beautiful Vintage speaker boxes!

Dos and Don’ts

*Do make sure your wood is of high quality! The sound is dependent upon the wood, so if you aren’t sure, get a second opinion.

*Do think small when cutting!

*Do wait for glue/coating to completely dry before continuing!

*Don’t rush! This project takes time, and if you dedicate enough, you can end up with great results!

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