Make Your First Day in Your New Home a Memorable One

Moving to a new home can be an exhaustive experience. It is not easy to move especially if you already have happy memories at your old house. Every member of the family involved in the moving process should have the patience and courage to bring with them the happy memories to the new home.

Here are some helpful tips in order to manage smoothly in your first day:

1. It is not advisable to prepare and cook on your first day. As much as possible, do not exhaust yourself and everyone in the family. Let your very first day be a happy and memorable one by relaxing a little. Strain yourself away from doing heavy tasks like cooking or cleaning too much. Buy foods or take an order at any nearest food shops or bakeries. Let your first day a picnic trip instead.

2. Most people tend to unpack things first at the kitchen and sleeping quarters. Since dining and kitchen area is the most important area for the family, it would be better to unpack things first off here. Next to the kitchen would be the kids’ room as they are more comfortable in their own bedrooms with their things than the other areas.

3. If you have pets, keep them safe in their boxes but don’t forget to give them food and water.

4. When unpacking, It would be a lot easier if boxes are designated and categorized with proper labels: box 1 belongs to kid’s clothes, box 2 contains books, box 3 for parent’s personal belongings, etc. This will ease out the unpacking process and any breakages or miscarriage items.

5. Surprise the movers with your generosity and thoughtfulness by making sandwiches and juices or teas to them. For sure they will highly appreciate the good things you have offered to them.

6. Make sure that the essential utilities needed first off are all turned on like the electricity, gas and water.

7. Do not forget to unpack first the necessary equipments like toilet items, towels, emergency kits, blankets, etc.

8. Discover your new home by walking and enjoying the area. Let your dog walk along with you too and let him enjoy the surroundings. As a ceremony of your first day, you may put up a chime at your door area or you may plant some trees for welcoming the new home. You can sit and relax at your den with a glass of wine, if you want.

9. You should remember that you are new to the neighbors and you are new to the place so let them know that your family have come and settled in the neighborhood. Extend greetings like hi and hello and a few introductions about you and your family. Certainly, they will be glad to welcome you as part of the community.

10. It would be better to take your first day photo of arrival in your new house. This will be one of the memorable parts of your life.

11. Even if you feel excited and happy with your new home, the fear and sadness is still there especially if you have not settled yet. Try to arrange your first night by sleeping together in a large area where all of the members can be fitted in to sleep and relax. You may choose the living room. Spend more quality time with them by telling happy thoughts and goals in your new home. That way, they will feel the excitement and this will remove all the fears and sadness they have.

Moving into a new home is not easy as it entails a lot of patience and emotional focus. Everyone in the family will get to settle down and adjust slowly as each day comes. A new bond of relationship will then form. Just make certain that the moving transition would be smooth and hassle-free.

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