Make Your Own Felt Moccasins

The Chippewa and Kutchin Native Americans wore moccasins made of hide that had the ability to attach to leggings. These moccasins could be decorated with beads, paint, or fringe. Your students can make their own felt mocassins. With some felt and a few other materials you probably already have in your arts and crafts cabinet, you and your students can make felt moccasins.

To make felt moccasins, first you will need: some old newspaper, ribbon, pins, needle and thread, acrylic or fabric paint, paintbrush, felt, markers, ruler, and scissors.

Have the kids outline one of their feet on the newspaper and cut out the shape with scissors. Put the cut out pattern on top of the felt and cut out the sole of the mocassin. Make sure to leave at least 1 inch around the pattern all the way around. At the heel, you’ll need to cut two slits on either side of the heel and 1 inch long.

Now you are ready to place the pattern on the felt and draw the upper part of the moccasin. To look like an authentic moccasin, the upper should be a little wider than your instep and almost half the length of your foot. After you have made the appropriate drawing on your felt, cut it out. Do the same for the second moccasin.

To make the cuff of the moccasin, cut out a piece of felt 1 inch wide and as long as the bottom. Paint designs on the cuff and let them dry completely.

Sew a running stich around the front part of the moccasin’s sole beginning at the instep. With some pins, attach the upper section to the sole. Pull the gathering thread until the moccasin’s sole fits the shape of the upper and then sew the upper onto the sole.

To make the heal seam, fold the side flaps over one another and sew them together. To make a rounded shape in the heel, cut the shape and then sew it to the heel.

Now you can sew on the cuffs to both of your moccasins. On each side of the moccasin, make four slits. You can make a drawstring to sew through the slits on each side by sewing ribbon to the back of the heel under the cuff. Now, fold down the cuff.

You can make designs on your moccasins with needle and thread or embroider something instead of painting if sewing is your cup of tea. Feahers and beads are cute to add to the back of the cuffs also.

Make your moccasins authentic and cut fringes into the cuffs! You will now have a bunch of wild Indians;literally.

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