Make Your Own Unique Lampshades

When it comes to making your own lampshade there are so many different unique styles to choose from. You can use bows and beads, seashells, and garland to name just a few. To make your own unique lamp shade you will need the following materials; A plain paper lamp shade, fabric or paper in the design of your choice to cover the shade, small narrow piece of ribbon to match the fabric or paper design, decorator stamp (this is only if you are using plain fabric or paper), objects that you will be using for design (this can be seashells or bows, etc), glue gun, glue sticks, soft paintbrush, and tweezers.

Now you are ready to start making your unique lamp shade. First wrap your fabric or paper around the shade, and make a mark at the top and bottom edges. Make sure you add about a half inch all the way around. Then cut out. Center the shade on the paper or fabric and glue around the edges. Turn the top and bottom edges to the inside of the shade, and clip if needed. Turn the bottom side in and glue. Next you will want to take your ribbon and glue over the edges to give it a clean and finished look. Now it is time to add your design.

For example if you are using seashells, you will have to stamp them onto the fabric. I would suggest you practice stamping your design on a plain piece of paper first to make sure it looks good and decide how you want to position it. Whatever pattern you decide to use you want to make sue that you alternate. Also make sure that the stamps are evenly spaced. For an extra added touch you can try gluing real objects on the bottom of the lamp shade. If you decide to use garland or bows then you want to make sure you measure all the way around to make sure you have enough. Use the garland or ribbon to cover the top and bottom of the lamp shade. You can use the tweezers to place them in the correct place. Use the glue to hold the items in place.

Keep in mind that when lamp shades get close to the light bulb they will get warm when you are using the light. You want to make sure you use glue that is not flammable and can take a certain amount of heat. Try not to use a low temperature glue gun. They tend to soften when they are exposed to heat for long periods of time. It may also be a good idea to get your kids involved in this project. You can try using mickey mouse stamps, or other stamps made for children to make their lamp shade. They will really enjoy making a unique lamp shade of their own. You can even stamp their name with the design on the lamp shade. Try thinking of some other creative ideas for your lamp shade. For additional ideas, supplies and suggestions you can visit the following websites;,,,

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