Make a Mesh Bag for Drying Sneakers: Dryer Bag Dries Shoes Without the Noise

We’ve all had our nerves grated by it: the sound of tennis shoes thumping around in the dryer. There’s no need to put yourself through that commotion, though. Make a mesh bag that connects to the dryer door, and your shoes will dry in peace and quiet. All you need to complete the project is a small piece of mesh, some binding tape, and four button magnets.

The type of mesh you use should be the type that has closely-knit holes in it – not the kind that has giant holes. To get started, fold a piece of mesh in half, then set the shoes on top. Cut a rectangle around the shoes, making sure the bag will be large enough to hold one pair of adult shoes. The mesh bag will then hold one large pair of shoes or a couple of small pair. Using a small stitch, sew around the mesh bag, leaving the top side open.

Use binding tape to hide the raw edges of the mesh bag and to allow you away to attach the bag to the dryer. Begin by sewing one piece of seam tape over the raw edge of the open part of the bag. You’ll sew a piece of seam tape to each side of the top of the mesh bag to cover the raw edges and give it a finished look.

Now pull a few inches of the binding tape from the package, fold it in half lengthways, and stitch it together, opposite the folded edge. After sewing down about four inches, place the mesh bag in between the fold of the seam tape. Continue sewing the seam tape down the side, until you’ve reached the bottom of the mesh bag, then continue sewing the seam tape a few more inches. Do the same to the opposite side.

The seam tape will not only cover the raw edges on the sides of the mesh bag, but by allowing a piece of the tape to hang off each corner, you’ll make a way to attach the bag to the dryer door. You’ll use four button magnets, or small flat magnets, to attach the mesh bag to the dryer.

You can simply place a magnet on each end of the four corner seam binding pieces, and attach to the dryer door, or you can stitch the magnets into the seam binding, so there will be no trouble keeping up with them, and no chance of losing them.

To do this, make a tiny pocket to hold the magnet. Simply cut a tiny piece of cloth, sew around three sides, then insert the magnet. Stitch the open end to the seam binding and your magnet will be in place.

To attach the mesh bag to the dryer, open the door and attach the magnets to the inside of the dryer door. Open the bag and place in shoes, then turn dryer on. The shoes will sit quietly inside the mesh bag and dry completely.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, but would still like to have the mesh bag shoe pouch, consider using fabric glue to make the bag. Be sure the glue you choose, found in sewing departments, is the type that can withstand laundering.

Glue the two pieces of mesh together on three sides, then use the glue to attach the seam binding tape. You can use clothes pins to hold it in place until the glue has dried. Do not use the mesh bag, after using fabric glue, for at least 24 hours.

You’ll appreciate the mesh shoe bag and the quiet times it offers. It’s easy to make, is great to give as a gift, and can be used for many years. It may be necessary to reapply glue if you’re using the fabric glue method. Make a mesh bag for drying shoes today. You’ll never wreck your nerves on laundry day again!

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