Make the Most of August 2006 with Numerology

Numerology can help you understand upcoming events in your life. With your birthdate and the numbers of the current month and year, you can find out how to make the most of your month. This year, August represents a 7 in numerology. Sevens relate to spirituality, wisdom, intuition, and introspectiveness.

In order to see how this month affects you, add your birth day and birth month to the number 7. For example, if you were born August 8, you would add 8 for August to the day 8 which would give you the number 16. Then add the number 16 (1 + 6) to this month’s number (7) which gives us 1 + 6 + 7. When you add these together, you get 14. 1 + 4 = 5. So July would be a 5 month for you.

The key is to reduce all digits to their smallest number. In another example, if your birthday is January 2, you would add 1 + 2 + 7 (for August). Your total would come to 10 which would reduce to 1 because 1 + 0 = 1.

Once you have calculated the appropriate number, look at the list below for your numerology interpretation for August 2006.

ONE If your number in August is one, this is a great time to start a new project or relationship. And if your project relates to teaching, learning, or spirituality it will be especially fruitful. One is the number which creates all other numbers so one months are times when we can create anything new. If you are looking to get pregnant, this would also be a good time to try. For some people, August will bring introspectiveness. You may find yourself centered on healing or gaining clarity about your life. This is a terrific time to meditate on your goals and to manifest success. What you do this month can have long-ranging effects, so make it count!

TWO Two months are times when we need to create balance in our lives. Spend time with your partner or get the perspective of close friends. You need to examine what is working and what isn’t. If you’ve been a loner lately, then it is time to seek out friendship or romance. Take a look at where you have gotten on your own and see if you need to make some adjustments. You cannot get it all done alone right now. Having a second opinion or just having the support of a close friend can create wonderful opportunities for you. If you have been dating someone or thinking of starting a new relationship, definitely go for it. It may also be a time where you have intuitive dreams or your natural psychic ability kicks in. Creative people will find their work improved by the intuitiveness of the two month. Collaborating with or getting feedback from a qualified person can enhance your project.

THREE If August is a three month for you, prepare to get busy. You may either be creating a masterpiece of some kind or you’ll be getting together with friends and colleagues. It may be a brainstorming session where you set a group goal or a get together with others who share the same spiritual values that you do. Make plans to hang out with friends or co-workers this month. If you are an artist or creative person, put your work out there this month-people will be watching. Three months in numerology are perfect for getting the exposure that you need. Just be careful not to overspend or overdo it on the partying. If you are a chronic partier, this may be the month when you need to take a closer look at your lifestyle and see if you are getting everything that you need. Are you feeling rested and in touch with what you truly desire in your life-or are you just going through the motions? For the most part, this month will be exciting, creative, and social. Enjoy it!

FOUR August is definitely a month for you to get things in motion. It is a work month, so if you’ve got a significant project underway at your job then you’ll be working diligently on it. In numerology, four is steady, practical, methodical, and involves putting constructive effort toward a project. If you are in a relationship, then take some time to look at how you can improve the situation with your partner. Have you been ignoring a critical issue? Meditate on what you want to create in your relationship or in your career and see what you need to do. Then, do it! If you are a “workaholic”, then you seriously need to take some time to put that energy that you devote so wholeheartedly to your job and transfer it to your family. Your relationship with your partner and your family is just as important as any paycheck or promotion. Essentially, this month is about getting clear on what you want to create and then taking practical action to make it happen. The actions you take may be small, but follow through no matter how challenging it may seem. You’ll get so much more done than you think!

FIVE It’s time for a change. August is the month where your plans may get rearranged with or without your consent. You may find that your appointments are postponed or cancelled or you may have to use an entirely different route or approach to something that you do everyday. At work, you may find things shaking up or you may have responsibilities that are new. Go with the flow. Your intuition is working very well this month because of the fact that August is a seven. Don’t fight the changes occurring in your job or your family this month. Just find a way to work with it. And if you’ve been feeling stuck or unhappy, then this is the month when you’ve got to make a shift. Analyze where you have been and where you are going. If you are walking in the wrong direction, turn yourself around and go in the direction that will take you where you need to go. Be aware that a lot of different commitments may call your attention at the same time. This is natural during a five month. You could be baking cookies for church, attending a staff meeting at work, having a hot date with your partner, and needing to do laundry all in the same day. But you’ve got the energy and enthusiasm to get it done-and if you don’t, you need to learn how to shift your priorities. For those in a new relationship, five months are passionate and exciting, so do something fun!

SIX Sixes are harmonious months related to peace, tranquility, and domesticity. If you’ve got a tense situation going on at home, or if you need to make some changes to your relationships, then do it now! Or, examine what needs to be changed and set a plan in motion. What you don’t resolve now can come back to haunt you later this year (say in three months when your nine month hits!). Don’t wait for that to happen. If you and your partner have been too busy to go out together, you need to take some time to cuddle up and be alone. Romance and relaxation must be on the agenda for August. For those who are pleased with their relationships, you may just need extra rest in general. This is the perfect month to try a yoga class or go to the spa. Meditate or take time to relax. Whatever makes you feel rested and peaceful is a good idea. You could re-decorate your room or take a creative class like painting, writing, or pottery. It might be time to get a makeover or stock up on your beauty/personal care items.

SEVEN This month is about taking time out for you. If you don’t take the time that you need this month, you won’t get the full blessings that next month will bring you. If it is time to make a change in your life, let your intuition work for you. You are incredibly psychic this month and will sense things that you may not have been aware of before. Trust your gut in every area of your life. This is important. What you sense happening under the surface is not a joke-it is a message. Just make sure that you nurture yourself this August and get some advice from an intuitive friend, spiritual counselor or a minister if you need support. Do not let yourself get into a place where you think SO hard about what is going on that you start to feel moody or depressed. You are doing fine; you just have to trust yourself more. Don’t beat yourself up about anything that’s going on; just look at what you need to do to fix the problem. If you are an artist, you’ll find that your work is inspired and creative. You are in sync with your muse, so take advantage of this.

EIGHT In numerology, eight is a terrific month to be in. Eights are about money, resources, leadership, and success. You are so intuitive this month about how to improve your finances. You could predict the next trend or if you are into investing, you might find the stock of a life-time or a fabulous real estate investment. It is time though, to make sure that you are channeling your money for a good cause. If you’ve been obsessed about how you can succeed above your competition, how you can one-up other people or about how to gain power and fortune, you need to look at what you are asking for. In order to get, you need to become willing to give. What organizations or individuals can you contribute your resources to? Do you tithe or donate to charity? Don’t go after money just for money’s sake. You can attract tremendous resources if you are willing to be humble and have the best interests of yourself and others at heart. It’s about being a kind and compassionate person who is successful. For those who have spent a long time struggling, August could signal a change. If you’ve been waiting for the time when you could get a new job or sell an important product, this is the time to market yourself and get it into the hands of someone who can help you. Miracles can happen this month. 2006 is an eight year in numerology and this is your eighth month. That means that something powerful is going to happento you in August. Just make sure that you have your heart in the right place and that you are open to the opportunities that will be coming your way.

NINE Wow, so much has happened to you already this year. You’ve been through some tough times and you made it. If you’ve played your cards well this year, then you had a successful month in July and now you are reaping the benefits. If you have been feeling overworked and overwhelmed, you need to take some time for yourself. Also clean out your closet or your desk. Reorganize your plans and prepare for the new energies that will be coming in after this month. Meditation is important right now. Just take some time to relax and if you are spiritual, then take the time to pray and reconnect to the Higher Power. It is time to give thanks to God for the successes of the year. It is time to appreciate all that you’ve survived. For those contemplating taking a seminar, class, or going back to school, do it! If you are still finding your life difficult, you may need to re-think what you are doing. Somewhere along the way you invested your energy in the wrong place. What can you do to change how you are living your life? If you have been holding onto a relationship that is not going anywhere or pushing yourself in a career or job that you do not like, you need to make some important decisions. Do not hesitate to let go of something that is not working. Be willing to seek spiritual advice or think carefully about exactly HOW to do it, but go ahead and make the change. Be careful about wallowing in the past. You can’t do anything about that. You are alive TODAY and you need to focus on how you can improve your life for tomorrow. New energy will come in next month for you to create a hopeful future.

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