Luvs Diapers Versus Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

My new son, at six months old, goes through a lot of diapers. We probably use about 6-10 diapers per day. I know some people still use cloth diapers but we chose to go with disposables. And, we’ve tried out a number of different diapers! What we like best are diapers that make our son comfortable and keep him dry without leaking.

There are 2 brands with which we are happiest at the time but still they both are very different. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers have Sesame Street characters on the diapers. There is a Sesame Street character on the front and on the back of the diaper. Then the rest of the diaper has designs such as clouds, suns, stars, and bugs on the rest of the outside and can show through when baby wears light colored clothing. On the other hand, Luvs diapers feature Blue’s clues characters on the front and are basically white on the rest of the diaper’s outside. Not that anyone cares what’s on baby’s diaper but it looks better when baby is wearing light colored clothing that the diaper designs do not show through

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers have an absorbent middle core which really does work. It keeps the wetness in the core and away from baby’s skin. I have also found that it does not leak out of the diaper which is a very important feature to me. I think that the elasticized legs really do keep the diaper from leaking. Luvs have a very similar core and elasticized legs. Luvs also do not seem to leak even when my baby seems to to be very wet. Both diaper brands absorb wetness away from baby’s skin well. My son, in his 6 months, has never had a diaper rash!

When we look at the outside of the diapers, Luvs seems to have a fabric feel to the outside while Pampers feels more like paper. Pampers are also more “crinkly” sounding when you touch them. Luvs seem more natural; more like a cloth diaper.

The tabs on both types of diapers seem very similar. Both have a “Velcro-like” closure but both also have a sticky portion. When it comes to opening a diaper and re-closing it, Pampers seems to have the edge. When I tried to re-close the Luvs diapers they seem to pop right back open. The Pampers Baby Dry Diapers stay closed even after being opened and closed several times.

Both types of diapers come in similar sizes from newborn up to size 6 which say (on both brands) 35+ pounds. There does seem to be a difference in price, however. When I priced diapers, I used the size 2 that my baby is currently wearing. I bought the economy sized box and worked out the price per diaper. The Luvs size 2 diaper cost about $0.15 per diaper while the Pampers Baby Dry cost $0.18 per diaper. Now 3 cents per diaper doesn’t sound like much but when you use an average of 8 diapers per day, 365 days per year for AT LEAST 2 years, the savings is significant. In fact, over 2 years, you can save $182! And, most of our children will be in diapers for longer than 2 years so the savings is even more significant!

Pampers come in several different varieties other than the Baby Dry Diapers. Pampers also makes “Swaddlers” which are specifically for younger babies and “Cruisers” which are for babies who are starting to move around up through toddlers. All the information above applies only to the Baby Dry variety of diapers. Luvs only makes the one type of diaper. In addition, Pampers also makes pull on “training pants” for potty training toddlers. At this time, Luvs does not.

So, which diapers do I choose? I like both types but I have to say I choose the Luvs Diapers! The fact that the majority of the outside of the diaper is white, is one factor in my choice. However, the monetary savings is the crucial point in my choice to use Luvs!

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