Mall Remodeling: Who Ran Over the Taco Bell Dog?

I’m sure many people in the Nashua, NH area and around are familiar with the Pheasant Lane Mall. If not, let me inform you. This mall is a great place to hang out with your friends, from pet stores to hair salons to gaming stores, this place has it all…or at least it did. A few weeks ago my fiance and I made a regular trek from her parent’s house down to the mall, expecting everything to be normal and happy; boy did we get a big surprise there! I don’t know about you, but I’m a particularly big fan of food, especially yummy food like S’barro and Taco Bell.

When we got to the food court we made a devastating discovery, Taco Bell was gone!!! In its place was a large white THING that said that some rib place was replacing them. I must say that I was very surprised, and my fiance almost threw a fit right there! (She just so happens to be vegetarian) Having been listening to Adam Sandler’s little song “I Ran Over the Taco Bell Dog” I joked with my fiance (once she calmed down) that the mall ran over the poor pup, and he was lying on the side of a road somewhere squished.

Later that week when we went back (it’s a popular hangout for us to go…looking for jobs and all) and to my hearts discontent…S’barro was now gone! In its place was one of those white things that stated that Wok USA was going to be there. Don’t they have enough Chinese food places around? Why’d they have to take out a perfectly good place for MORE Chinese food? I’m not prejudice against Chinese people, I actually love them, but there are plenty of places around and they took away my S’barro! Now most of the places that are left are places that mainly serve meat products, which I believe is really unfair to the vegetarian community! Just who exactly makes the decisions on what goes into the mall and what doesn’t? Do they have some kind of issue with vegetarians? If so I think they need to seek some professional help, because I don’t think that the Taco Bell Dog did anything to deserve getting squished.

This problem isn’t just confined to the food court though! Several very good stores are now gone, being replaced by pointless shops like spas and the like. A popular store for fans of Anime (Japanese animated cartoons) was Suncoast but that store is also now gone. It is the opinion of several of the teenagers that I have talked to about this that the mall is losing its interest, there’s less and less to do. One can only spend so much time in Hot Topic and Spencer’s before it gets old and boring. Maybe the mall needs to rethink exactly WHO they’re advertising to.

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