Mange: Curing Your Pet of This Ugly Disease

When I was young we had a couple of dogs that had developed mange. It was very hard to look at my dogs suffering from this ugly disease. However, mange is not just for stray dogs and cats, well-groomed, well loved pets can also develop the disease. Mange can occur in a couple of ways. One is when the mites that live under your per’s skin begin to increase beyond what is normal. This type of mange causes a loss of hair and scaling around the eyes, nose, corners of the mouth, and on the legs. The other way is when your pet contracts the disease from other infested dogs or cats. Mange is a contagious disease. This type of mange causes intense itching resulting in hair loss. To tell if your pet has mange they will start to develop small, red, hairless areas on their body. They will totally lose their hair in certain areas. Also, the bumps can cause the skin to ooze, similar to chicken pox.

Here are some tips to cure your pet from this very ugly looking disease. If your puppy or kitten has developed mange more than likely it will cure itself. Puppies or kittens will develop small amounts of mange of the face and front part of their bodies. However if the mange last more than a month, go see your vet. Your pet may itch constantly, what you can do to cure this itching is to soak your pet in diluted water with a sulfur medication. This will help kill the infested mites that have built up in your pet’s skin. Put your pet in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes, but don’t rinse, when done let it dry by itself to allow the solution to work. Do this once a week until the mange is cured.

If you have more than one pet and one has developed mange, then it is likely that the other has been affected also. Treat both even if you don’t see mange in one. Make sure you keep your pet’s bedding clean. Always wash your pet’s bedding. If they have developed mange, prevent them sleeping on infected bedding by washing the bedding frequently. Another way to cure this ugly disease is to give your pet some fatty acid supplements. These supplements are very good in curing skin disorders. You can also help cure the itching due to mange by giving your pet an antihistamine, like Benadryl. Make sure you ask your vet about the recommended dosage. Make sure you feed your pet well. A healthy pet makes a strong pet that can fight off diseases like mange and also help to quickly cure it.

. If your pet is losing large amounts of hair, take them to the vet, mange weakens the immune system and can cause other serious health problems. When trying to cure mange, make sure you handle with care. Always wash your hands thoroughly after treating your pet’s mange. Finally, keep your pet well groomed and away from stray animals, which are more likely to develop this ugly disease. Following these tips will help cure and prevent your pet from developing this very ugly looking disease.

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