Legalizing Marijuana Would Generate Tax Revenue

Marijuana is illegal because it cripples an individual’s ability to fight off infectious diseases. The immune system gets shot when too many lymphocytes and macrophages become inactive. Marijuana is rumored to be a cause of this catastrophe.

Many people think that marijuana impairs judgment, kills brain cells, causes sterility, and birth defects while putting the user at a greater risk for crime. I would employ these people to take a look at the brain damaging effects of alcohol, the lung diseases generated by smoking, and the humility of a pot head. They are the friendliest people on earth.

I have heard three major complaints from anti-marijuana activists: lung disease, disorientation, and immune deficiency. Lung disease has nothing to do with it. Smoking causes lung disease. Cigarettes are legal.

Disorientation really doesn’t have anything to do with it either. Drinking alcohol is disorienting, which leaves immune deficiency. My advice to all those out there who are worried about pot heads sacrificing their immune system for a load or round of two off: Vitamin C.

Everybody knows that Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. One joint followed by a nice tall glass of O.J will solve any problems created by the THC. Marijuana should not only be legalized medically, but for recreational purposes as well. It is a very valuable cash crop.

If marijuana were legalized, think about how much $$$ the government would collect in tax revenue. The sale would be regulated. Seventy-five percent of the prisoners in jail would be released and the state could use that money for new roads, more police officers, health care, and social security. I think adults over the age of 18 should be responsible enough to handle their own reefer. The economy would surge. Plus, it would be one more step towards capitalizing on our founding principle: freedom. Weed is not the devil. It is a lot like alcohol. It should be used responsibly. After all, some people really can’t handle those head trips.

For the people who can’t handle those head trips, don’t smoke it, but don’t take that right away from the rest of us. You are not only depriving us of our ability to be free, but you are poisoning the purity of the capitalistic system. In a capitalistic system, marijuana should be legalized.

I believe that people should learn to be socially responsible. In a world where people date online, attend focus groups, and sit and stare at a large metal box, they should at least be able to spark up a doobie. The ones who are afraid of it are the ones who don’t understand it. Weed is not a destructive force. Weed is a way for like minded individuals to communicate, socialize, and take the load off from a hard day’s work, much like the legal cigarette, cocktail, or glass of freshly squeezed vegetables. I am not worried about my immune system. With the tax revenue that legalizing weed will bring, my nation will be able to provide me with the universal health care that our neighbors to the north already enjoy. As we march towards the 21st century, I see a culture becoming sleeker, colder, sharper, flatter, and less aware of their truly mesmerizing powers to unify the earth peacefully. Buddha is the answer. It will take the fight right out of us, but keep the juice alive.

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