Symptoms of Strep Throat

Strep throat is a severe sore throat brought on by an infection from streptococcal bacteria which is also known as strep for short. The pain can be quite intense as both the tonsils and throat becomes infected, making it difficult to eat and swallow. Strep throat is very common amongst teens and children as it is considered quite contagious and passes easily in places like schools. It is sometimes difficult to determine whether or not you might be suffering from Strep throat as some of the symptoms are close to viral infections associated with colds and flu. Below are symptoms to help identify if you are suffering from strep throat.


  • 1

    Lymph nodes and Tonsils are Swollen:

    If your tonsils and lymph nodes are swollen, there is a good chance that you might have strep throat. The swelling is due to the strep bacteria infecting the throat and lymph nodes.

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    Severe Sore Throat:

    Often someone suffering from strep throat get a severe sore throat all of a sudden. This can lead to some discomfort as it becomes difficult to talk, breathe, eat, drink and of course swallow. It is important to note that this type of severe sore throat is not have any of the usual cold symptoms like sneezing or coughing. This severe sore throat just seems to come out of nowhere and is usually a good indication that you have strep throat.

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    Having a Fever:

    Another symptom often associated with strep throat is the development of a high fever. Usually this fever is around 38.3 degrees Celsius. The fever is due to the body’s immune system working to fight against the strep infection.

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    Difficulty Swallowing:

    If you find it difficult to swallow, there is a high chance that you might have strep throat. The strep bacterium infects the tonsils and the lymph nodes making it painful or difficult to swallow.

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    Red Spots in Throat and Mouth:

    The development of bright red spots in the mouth and throat is also another good indicator that you might be suffering from strep throat. The infection causes these spots to develop which are quite visible as they are bright red in colour.

  • 6

    Red Skin Rash:

    Although this is not a very common symptom of strep throat, it is possible that you get a skin rash which is red in colour. This rash, which is called Scarlet fever, could mean that you have strep throat.

  • 7

    Yellow Spots on Tonsils and Throat:

    If you develop yellowish spots in the throat and on the tonsils there is a good chance that you have strep throat. The strep bacterium infects the throat and tonsils causing yellowish spots to occur and contribute to some discomfort.

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