Margarita Madness

Have a rough day at the office? Are your kids stressing you out? Do you need to kick back and relax? Get to the store and grab your favorite tequila, lime, salt, and ice. Add some triple sec for a unique flavor. If you prefer a citrus taste in your margarita, substitute orange-flavored liquor such as Cointreau for the triple sec. This makes an extra unique drink.

Lime is an essential ingredient, so don’t forget it. It adds a very fresh touch and very authentic flavor. Some prefer their margaritas over ice. For the more adventurous, mix everything in a blender. The end result will be a scrumptious, slushy drink. Perfect for a hot summer night!

Are you solo tonight? Start with 3 oz. of tequila, 1 oz. of triple sec, 2 oz. of lime juice and 2 cups of ice. Blend and then pour into a chilled glass with salt around the rim.

If you are having company over, then you’ll want to make a bigger recipe as shown below. Double it if you must!

1/4 cup tequila
1/4 cup triple sec
1 cup of ice
The juice from 8 limes
1/4 cup sugar

Put all of the above ingredients in a blender jar and cover. A smoothie maker can also serve the same purpose. Pulse on high for about 40 seconds or until the ice is fully crushed. Pour into chilled glasses rimmed with salt and enjoy a fun time with friends out on the patio.

Please drink responsibly. Friends don’t let friends drive intoxicated.

Cheers to the perfect margarita!

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