Marie Callender’s Frozen Foods

It may have become increasingly obvious to those of you who may have read some of my past product reviews that I LOVE convenience, especially in terms of having decent alternatives to having to cook a big meal.

Usually, when I cook, I fix enough to last for at least 4 days, justifiably earning the sarcastic title of “The Leftover Queen” from my husband. Following the last day of these leftovers, I just do not always have the time or inclination, quite honestly, to fix another big meal, so i like to have something available for those “in-between” days before I do cook again.

A favorite line of frozen meals I occasionally like to buy is Marie Callender’s. They are the best of their kind I have tasted and have a number of home-style meals that taste just as though you had prepared them yourself. There is none of that unpleasant aftertaste you sometimes find in most frozen dinners. This is from the same Marie Callender’s that has a famous chain of restaurants, so these meals are based upon some of the things they actually serve in their restaurants.

As far as frozen dinners go, Marie Callender’s meals are almost unbelievably delicious. To give you a few examples, we tried their Turkey and Gravy with Mashed Potatoes frozen meal and it was as good as any homemade meal we have fixed ourselves and their Meat Lasagna that was cheesy and very tasty.Their pot pies have a flaky,delicious crust and their fruit pies are as close to the ones Mom made as you can get.

I do, however, have just a few complaints about them and it is the reason I do not purchase them as often as I would prefer. They need to add more nutritionally sound menu options for those consumers who are on more restricted diets, but who still want a quality, good tasting meal.

Also, some of the meals have to be fixed partially in the microwave and partially in the oven or toaster oven, so that detracts from the convenience factor.

The final problem would be that the price for their frozen meals is pretty steep and it’s hard to find a coupon for their products.
I have to constantly be on the lookout for sales, for the sake of economy. I really do wish they would lower the price of their frozen meals, to make them more affordable to those of us who are “bargain” grocery shoppers.

Still, if you want a frozen meal that is not going to be like the usual cardboard fare expected from most frozen food lines, Marie Callender’s is a good option.

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