Me and My Shadow

Me & My Shadow
(The Great Work)

Huge, black dragons ride the night
As I run blindly through fear’s tangled forest.
Panic screams in my ears and a cold, bitter wind
Swirls round my freezing body, tearing at my clothes.
Encoded fear has driven me here and I’m lost.
Lost and scared and running from my dragons in the night.

Find your breath! Where’s your breath?

I am a running terror in the night-get away! Get away!
Panic reigns, confusion blinds.

I am not That! I am not That, at all!
Running from my dragons in the night.

But you’re still breathing!
Connect with your breathing.
Love yourself for what you’re feeling
And focus on your breath,
Follow your breath.

I struggle to hear my breath through fear’s raging storm
And as I do, the sound of children’s laughter tinkles delicately, far away
The notes strike my heart like practiced fingers,
They warm me and fill my soul with joy, and my
Fiery dragons become delicate rainbow butterflies
To delight the night, and I can see again,
Am Me again, am free again
To Be again,

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