Medic in a Box: The Intelligent First Aid Kit

Home accidents happen at least hundreds of thousands of times a year. They range from simple cuts and bruises to the more serious, life threatening kind that require immediate attention, even before the emergency medical technicians arrive.

Despite these statistics, only one in ten people in the United States actually has a first aid kit in their home. Having a first aid kit and knowing what to do with it when a family member or loved one in seriously injured can be the difference between life and death.

A company called DLH has put together a first aid kit, called the Intelligent First Aid Kit, with an added advantage. The microchips imbedded with each injury specific pack will literally talk one through the procedure for treating a specific injury at a press of a button. It is as if the first aid kit had a trained medic right in the box.

Each first aid kit comes with nine packs designed to treat an injury: Breathing, Bleeding, Shock, Head & Spine, Bone, Eye, Burns, Bites & Stings, and Basics. They are color coded (i.e. red for Bleeding, navy blue for eye, and so on.) Each pack has a visual instruction card, the microchip that will talk one through the procedure, and all of the supplies necessary to treat the specific injury.

The microchip instruction technology has the capacity to walk one through the procedure for treating an injury, giving one a needed edge in what is obviously a high stress situation. It delivers audio care instructions with the press of a button affixed to each individual injury instruction card. With the press of a button the user can start, pause, replay and stop verbal care instructions.

After using an injury one disposes of the remaining contents and reorders the pack from the DLH Company. There are also products, such as antibiotic ointment and eye wash, which will need to be replaced from time to time as they have an expiration date.

Besides the injury specific packs, there is a Basics pack that contains many of the supplies usually found in an ordinary first aid kit. These include bandage strips, antibiotic ointment, and cold packs can be used for small cuts, scrapes and bruises.

The DLH Company also offers an office care Intelligent First Aid Kit. Besides the packs found in the home first aid kit, these would include extra supplies such as latex free gloves.

If someone suffers a serious injury at home or in the office, it seems to be a good idea to have the means to treat them while the emergency medical technicians are on the way. Having a clear, simple means to be talked through a treatment procedure could mean the difference between a friend or loved one who survives a serious accident and someone who does not.

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