Menopause: What you don’t know

Menopause can be the most devasting thing women go through. You not only want to have answers but you also want them to be relieved. I had a hysterectomy at 27 and went straight into menopause. I am here to give you pointers and to help you understand more about the symptoms.

Most of all why doctors don’t want to give you HRT (hormones) to minimize the symptoms. Every night you are waking up soaked not understanding why. You yell at every one or start to cry. It feels as if you are on a rollocoaster of moodswings. “You are fine,”said the doctor. You don’t feel fine you want answers.

Here are the most common symptoms:

hot flashes
mood swings
decreased sexual desire
weight gain
heart palpitations
migraine headaches

These are the symptoms you are not told:


Hysterectomy and Menopause

Hysterectomy is performed more now than in the past. Doctors perform hysterectomies for endometriosis among other medical issues. If you plan to have a child, I wouldn’t advise you to get one unless you have a high risk of death.

Some doctors that perform hysterectomies leave in one ovary and might not give you hormones. Request them! You need these hormones because your body is in shock. You also need HRT since most of the time ovaries fail.

When you are put on HRT realize you will go through different kinds until you find the one that works with your body. Do not feel discouraged ,you will find the right HRT.

To minimize symptoms until you recieve HRT here are some helpfull tips.

1. Take a cool bath if you have hotflashes. This helps cool you off when nothing else will.
2. Keep the ceiling fan on or run a fan at night. This helps with night sweats and also minimizes waking you at night.
3. Talk to your doctor about depression medication to level out your hormones when you have up and downs. This helps you when you do get HRT for times your moods spike till you take your meds the next day. It evens you out.
4. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Night sweats cause you to become dehydrated at times.

Take control of your life. You have the right to understand your body. Menopause is not something that is in your head. It took me almost a year to make my doctor understand I was going through menopause. I finally went to the gynecologist and she help me find medication to help with my symptoms.

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